Clomid is bad

Clomid is bad

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Thinking about lowering dosage on clomid, bad side effects… plz help me!?

I am taking clomid and I ovulated on 150mg, but I upped it to 200mg, and I started taking it days 3-7. On day 4 I felt like crap at night, I felt this stinging pain in my heart. I kept urinating, and my heart felt like it was racing. Do you think this could be the clomid? I was wondering if I can go down to 150mg after taking 200mg for two days? Do you think it would make a difference?

Does your doctor have an after hours line? I would consider this an emergency. You can try asking doctors for free on Also you can try asking your local pharmacist.

Good luck!!!

What are the side affects of CLOMID? are they good or bad??

I was wondering if the side affects of CLOMID were bad or were they not complicated at all. Im thinking of starting it but dont know if it will work for me been trying to conceive for a year and 1 month now and i have iam regular also, i did blood tests for hormones and still waiting on that

Clomid is not bad at all. I took it with my daughter and I am now pregnant again after using it. I used 100mg. (50 mg didn’t work for me) What I found with me were mild symptoms. I was more emotional which makes sense since clomid like bcp are pure hormones. I also experienced more cramping and mild pains during ovulation which also makes sense since clomid induces ovulation. It’s a very safe and easy drug to use that has a high success rate for women that do not ovulate. I swear by it. Of course with some women the side effects may be worse (meaning they just have more) or the opposite and they don’t have any. But they are definitely all worth it. I couldn’t get pregnant without taking clomid so I highly recommend it if that’s what your doctor suggest for the next step. Best of luck and don’t worry about the side effects. If you read the pamphlet you will see many side effects. But then go read any other over the counter drug and you will see similar side effects in the warning. They just have to put them there as a precaution. That doesn’t mean they will affect you the same way.

What is your opinion on the medication Clomid? Good or bad?

I have PCOS and will start the medication sometime this week to help get pregnant. I really hope this is it. It’s been a long and hard road.

Hi –

I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this. Infertility can be a very painful journey 🙁

aLOT of women have gotten pregnant with clomid – usually they just have one – its not like the powerful drugs where you end up with multiples. (Although there is one case that I know of where one mom had quads on clomid, however 2 were identical – but that is very, very, very rare!)

One good resource is ((HUGS))

On clomid and had bad cramping Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, when did I actually ovulate?

I did the babydance Friday morning and night Saturday morning and nite and Sunday morning, what are my chances of conception?

It could have happened on any of these days, i did ovulation tests to help me.. There is a good chance you could concieve but unfortunately you have the dreaded 2ww to know for sure!!! I had the cramping when i ovulated on the clomid too….I hope you are, i have been where you are now and it can be so frustrating… I caught on my 1st attempt with clomid but miscarried. the 2nd go i ovulated but never caught and the 3rd go resulted in my 11 month old daughter, i had been TTC for almost 5 years before that! I am pregnant again but this was natural (surprise) so none of the stress associated with TTC! Blowing some baby dust in your direction xxx

Can I take Ibruprofen while taking Clomid?

I just got my period yesterday and I’m about to start my first cycle of Clomid on cycle day 3 (tommorrow) but I’m having very bad menstrual cramps and my flow is very heavy so I want to take 400mg. Ibruprofen to help with the pain. Will Ibruprofen interact negatively with the Clomid?–like bad side effects or reduce Clomid’s effectiveness?

I don’t think you can because ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug and it can stop a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. When I took clomid I had severe cramps also, I just lay in bed and curl with the pain so hang in there k

I went to a fertility Dr and he prescribed clomid. Is late ovulation a bad thing? Why is a late egg a bad egg?

I went to a fertility Dr and he prescribed clomid to regulate my ovulation cycle. Is late ovulation a bad thing? Why is a late egg a bad egg? Is it an issue if we conceive naturally (without clomid) if I have late ovulation?

A late ovulation is an issue if your luteal phase (the days between ovulation and when you receive your period) are too short. If it is under 10 days (average is around 14 days), then there is no time for implantation.

If this is your situation, Clomid can help your follicle to mature and release the egg sooner, lenghening your luteal phase and giving time for implantation to occur.

You should discuss all of this with your fertility specialist as this is just one possible reason and it is always good to be informed about your healthcare and treatments!

Good luck and baby dust!

Clomid— good, bad .. known to work?

hi all, my name is amanda, and for the past 2 in a half years we have been trying to conceive … we had a miscarriage on 9/11/06 so we know it is possible, just hard,. my ob put me on clomid 50mg last month, i started it on cd 5. im about to do 100mg starting tommorrow, so obviously it was not sucessfull for us .. i wanted to know is tyhe sucess rate high, and when does it work most with women, im only 20, and so is he .. and i dont know how much longer i can deal with this “unknown infertility” so far thats what the doc has said to us, he wants me to do 2 more cycles, this month being 100mg and next being 150mg then off to the specialist. so please anyone anwser my questions. am i waisting my time, and energy or not?

It depends on the women and her body every women’s body is different the clomid works for some women and then for some it doesn’t work.So far the clomid hasn’t work for me I have taken two cycles of 50mg of clomid and for the 2nd cycle I’ve used ovulation test and according to them I don’t ovulate so my doctor is putting me on 100mg of clomid hope it works.Best of luck to you,hope the clomid works for you!***~**~*BABY DUST TO YOU***~**~*

Bad reaction to Clomid What do I do now?

Just started clomid today had a bad reaction – hot flushing, eyes and ears itch, throat was a little swollen What can I do to get pregnant if I have to stop Clomid?

sorry to hear this, talk to your Dr. they can give you Femara which is similar to Clomid and can help,

you can also ask fertility specialists online for free and find others taking clomid or femara,
good luck!

Have any of you women had extremely bad cramps while on Clomid?

I have been taking Clomid for the past 2 months and I will start my 3rd round on Wednesday…I have noticed since I have been taking the meds, that I have been having extremely bad cramps which are not normal for me. I have some cramping usually a few days before I start my period and maybe the first day, but for the last 2 months, they are almost unbearable. Have any of you women experienced this with Clomid.

yes that can be one of the side effects of Clomid, however if the pain is too much takl to your Dr. to make sure you don’t have ovarian cysts that sometimes occur with clomid, you can also ask doctor online for free and find others going through similar situations, try
good luck!

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