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Clomid for men

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Clomid for men question?

Hi has anyones spouse taken clomid to help with fertility i also hear it helps with the sperm count as well

Female Fertility Drug Can Be Used for Men with Low Sperm Count …

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Clomiphene citrate for infertility

Clomid, Milophene, Serophene. How It Works … For men. Clomiphene may be used to treat low sperm counts (oligospermia). How Well It Works ……/clomiphene-citrate-for-i… – 108k – Cached

My first OB actually has told me once that she’s going to prescribe Clomid for my husband..that is after his semen analysis.

unfortunately, i had to find another one cause she’s charging me too much…

What are the common side effects of men taking clomiphene citrate (clomid) 50 mg?

My husband has been taking clomid for about 3 or so weeks and he is a different person. He refuses to have sex and won’t even let me touch him. He is also highly irritable and short tempered. When I think back to when this all started and it began shortly after he started taking the medication. Does any know more about the effects of this drug on men?

irritability is a side effect of clomiphene.but as it increases testosterone i dont understand ur husbands decreased libido.
i think u should half the dose of the med to 25mg.
u can see a journel article here

Clomid for men with low motility?

My fiance and I are trying to concieve. He has a normal count with low motility. What would a doctor generally suggest he do for that.
BTY he smokes pot, and drinks. Hes also on high blood pressure medication. Obviously I know the doctor would say dont smoke or drink. But is there a supplement he could take that would keep his hormones in check like his testosterone. What about clomid for men, what does it do for them? I know what it does for women.
Would those over the counter fertility medications for men help?
Also he takes 300mg of vitamin E twice a day
We are going to the doc next week but Im curious

Hi Honey. If your OH is serious about ttc he will give up the drinking & smoking, you should talk to him about it because it will be your best chance. It be better for your baby. The blood pressure medication might have some effect too, but your doc will be the best person to ask about that. Having a healthy diet, being fit & not really over weight, and not wearing tight pants/trousers might all help. There are some vitamins you can buy for men ttc (like sanatogen who also do them for women) that might help too. Your doctor shouldn’t prescribe anything like clomid if there is a chance things can be improved naturally by stopping smoking & reducing alcohol.
Good luck.

No, I didn’t say it would be easy did I? But if means enough to him, he’ll try. Sorry I know its hard for you to hear if you don’t think he will try. I’m giving genuine advise & wish you loads of luck. It took me over two years to conceive (due to medical problems) & would have tried anything like that.x


is it ok for me to take clomid? what are some of thee effects. will it help

Wow – loads of misinformation. Clomid is NOT for women only . . . but it does show better results for women.

Clomid helps women to ovulate because it tells the the pituitary gland to make luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) – this is why it helps a woman to ovulate. LH and FSH are also hormones found in men and in this case Clomid would tell the testes to produce sperm which can help with low testosterone issues / low sperm count issues.

Common side effects in men are breast tenderness, weight gain, headaches and blurred vision. Common side effects in women include headaches, hot flashes and mood swings.

In the end – Clomid whether you are a man or a woman should not be taken unless under the supervision of the doctor. If it is not the right med for you, it could just screw up your cycle more.

Are they any men using the drug Clomid for low motility, count?

My husband has been on it for 3 months, his specialist put him on it for low motility and count. We haven’t received the results yet, I’m hoping it’s working, ttc for 18 months, he’s 25.5 and i’m 27

My husband’s specialist put him on clomid, but he only took it for a month. Clomid for men increases their testosterone levels and it could make them a little crazy. Because of his asthma and high blood pressure he could not finish it, but the specialist told us that it does increase low motility in men.

Increased Libido on Clomid?

During months that our RE has prescribed clomid for DW, I’ve noticed she’s had an increased libido.

I’ve searched the internet on the subject, but the main thing I keep coming accross is references to clomid increasing libido in men (yes, I’m finding references to clomid on men’s body-building web sites).

Are any of you noticing an increased libido on clomid?
Anyone know of any web sites with additional information on the subject?

I too am on clomid 100-mg’s. And I personally think it decreases my libido, Seems the only time Im really interested is during ovulation, for obvious reasons.. U and ur wife are Lucky!!! Have fun and Good Luck 2 U Both!!!!

Need some expert advise on this…is Clomid or Clomiphene useful if taken by men?

Let’s say, it Clomid was combined with Andriol for fertility treatment in men? Need some serious and expert answers only.…

Any success with husband and wife taking Clomid?

I have been taking Clomid to help improve the shape of my sperm. Now, the doctor is putting my wife on it to help her produce more eggs and improve our changes even further. Has anyone had success with this? How many cycles did you go through before you became pregnant? For those of you that don’t know, Clomid can be taken by men to improve sperm quality. Thanks for your help!

My husband is on Clomid as well. He is taking it for his low count and poor motility. He has to take it for 3 months at a time, (I think it is standard protocol, so it is likely the same for you) and this is his 2nd round. The first round didn’t increase his count, but it did just slightly increase his motility a little. At one point both of us were both on Clomid, and at one point we also did 2 IUI’s (also known as artificial insemination) but those both failed as well due to his low count and poor motility.

It takes 3 month for you to make a new sperm cell. Anything that you do today is going to affect your sperm 3 months from now. The Clomid that you are taking today will not take effect for 3 months, so don’t expect results any sooner. Your dr should run another semen analysis 3 months after you first started taking Clomid to see if it has helped you at all, then your wife should begin taking it as well. Women should only be on Clomid no longer than 6 cycles at a time, so in my opinion, she should maybe wait to begin Clomid till you see if it has helped you at all. She can certainly start now, but it may be worth waiting to see your results, as she should only be on it for 6 cycles in a row, if she choses to do so.

Our urologist also told us about another product to help my husbands sperm, which he is taking right now along with Clomid. Here is the link:
My husband takes this twice a day, morning and night. You do not need a prescription for this, and our urologist highly recommended it, so you may want to ask your dr about it to see if it may work for you. Again, since it takes 3 months to make a new sperm cell, results will take 3 months, with optimum results in 6 months. So, if after 3-6 months (after this here 3 month round of Clomid and Proxeed that he is on) his count has improved, we will discuss me going back on Clomid and possibly doing another IUI, as our reason for infertility is male factor.

Hope this helped. If you need to vent or need any further info, feel free to email me through my profile, I am happy to help! There will be a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 Sending you and your wife all the luck in the world 🙂

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