Clomid and provera

Clomid and provera

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What are your experiences with Provera and Clomid?

My doctor put me on provera 5 days so i can get my period and the i take clomid days 5-9. What are ur experiences with taking these? Side effects? How long did it take u to conceive? And i heard that sometimes provera makes ur period really long, is this true? Thanx, anything u can tell me about these would be great!

hey hun! i used provera and clomid. I got pregnant on my 2nd cycle! When I was on the Clomid I had horrible hot flashes. LIKE REALLY BAD!!! Also, Clomid can sometimes mimic pregnancy symptoms so watch for that! anyways good luck!!! tons of baby dust!!!

How are you suppose to take Provera and Clomid?

Ok…so yesterday they prescribed Provera and Clomid….(50mg)…and I am planning on strarting tommorrow…I’m just not exactly sure how I should be taking them….The nurse drew a little chart for me and this is what I understand…I start Provera and on the 5-9 day I’m suppose to take Clomid and 12-18 day I should have sex…is that the way it suppose to be…..and How long will I be on the provera for?

Your doctor should have gave you instruction on how to take Provera and clomid. My doctor told me to take the provera for 5 days and wait for my period and then five days after the first day I started I was to start with clomid. You should be on Provera for 5 days and then on clomid for five days

Has anyone gotten pregnant taking Provera WITHOUT Clomid?

I know that Provera doesn’t cause ovulation, but I can’t afford another trip to the doctor at this time for a Clomid prescription. Has anyone had any success with just Provera. If you did how long did it take.

not me, thank goodness.

Question for anyone who has taken provera and clomid?

I have taken provera for 5 days to induce a period before i start taking clomid on day 2 of my cycle. I noticed a small amount of pink blood this morning after going to the toilet. Is this considered day 1 of my cycle or do i need to wait until i get proper red flow? Just wanted to check because i don’t want to start taking it on the wrong day.

ive took both of these and you’ll have to wait till it’s full ‘period’

good luck xx

I have a question about Provera and clomid, Im wondering if you can help?

SInce I started taking Clomid and Provera I have been having joint pain mainly in my shoulders… has anyone had this problem?

No I was moody, but no joint pain. Discuss your side affects with your doctor.

Provera, clomid and metformin is it most likely to work the first month?

i am over weight and my doc gave me metformin to start regulate my periods but it didnt work so now my doc has gave provera to start my period and clomid to ovulate and still take metformin please tell me success story if it worked for you.

I’m on your same boat… in January I took Clomid and estridiol… 1/27/09 was my 1st day of last cycle, I’ve done 3 pg test and negative, so friday 3/6/09 I started, exactly what you are taking… well the provera & metformin first and when my period comes, I’ll take the clomid… I wish you lots of luck, I wish you send me an email about your outcomes and we can share each other’s experiences.

Will I be able to start Provera/Clomid right after my period?

So I have super irregular periods, and I am actually just about to come off one. I have a Dr’s appointment on Monday, so I should be completly done with it by then. Will I be able to start my Provera right away, or am I gonna have to wait a few weeks since I will have just gotten off my period? Thanks and BABY DUST TO ALL THE FUTURE MOMMIES!!!!!

Yes unfortunately you will have to wait at least 3 weeks then your doctor will be able to tell you to start Provera again then Clomid on day 3 or day 5 of your period. I am in the situation that I have to wait also, My last period was December 3 and took Clomid 50 mg (which did nothing for me) and now my doctor told me I have to wait to get my period and If I don’t get my period by Jan 2 then to start Provera and take Clomid 100mg on day 3.
Also I do know that if you are pregnant lets say and you take Provera it will not hurt you in anyway!!! It actually will help when you are pregnant by keeping the lining versus letting it go if you are not pregnant (how cool is that that the pill will work in your body and know what to do!)
I hope this information is helpful!

May 2010 bring us both babies!!!

How successful is provera and clomid?

im getting ready to start taking clomid since i just finished up my round of provera.
im a little nervous on how successful it’s gonna be, me and my husband have been ttc for 2 1/2 yrs now.
does anyone have any info on the meds?? i’ve read either people love it or hate it. HELP!!

I was TTC for 4 years and went on clomid 50mg days 3-7. I took it with no luck for months. I only had really bad mood swings and bad cramping during AF. Then 3 days ago ( my last month on clomid) I found out I am pregnant.

I hope it works for you as well, just quicker with less side effects.

BABY DUST ********

What are the chances of getting pregnant with provera and clomid?

i have been trying to conceive for about 8 months now i am taking provera and clomid what do u think the chances are of me conceiving this month

read the success stories here…

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