Clomid after miscarriage

Clomid after miscarriage

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Please help with ovulation after miscarriage on clomid?

I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks at end of May. I am on Clomid 50mg days 2-6 and also 1000mg of metformin. I still havn’t come on since and have taken something called noristherone to bring on a AF. When am i expected to ovulate again? Shall I take clomid again or shall I wait a couple of months? Any suggestions would really help. Thanks x baby dust to all

Hi, well firstly I am sorry for your loss.
As for when you start clomid again, that’s totally up to you for when you feel ready to start trying again, considering you need to take meds to bring AF on, then perhaps it might be wise to give it at least a cycles breather for your body to heal after the miscarriage, however due to it being an early miscarriage it’s not absolutely necessary for you to wait, if you feel ready to ttc straight away then by all means start the Clomid again. It’s not so much physical side of things, but more so mental that is more important, if you feel ready then do so. Good Luck

Clomid and ovulation after miscarriage?

Igot pregnant on my first round of Clomid last month. Sadly, I had a miscarriage on April 30th. I was about 5 weeks pregnant. My fertility doctor told me that since I was so early on, I could start taking Clomid again this month. I know this is pretty early, but my husband and I were ready to try again.

However, I am now at cd20 and no sign of ovulation. I took Clomid cd3-7 (just like last month), but last month I ovulated right on cd14. I have been checking my BBT, OPKs and CM. Has anyone ever been successful with Clomid after a miscarriage? Am I not ovulating because of the miscarriage? Should I just forget about this cycle and wait until next month?

Thanks for your help!

Here is the link to my chart if you’d like to check it out:…

How was the CM? Doesn’t appear to have ovulated as you said. I probably would have waited 1 month to get things in the right environment again because obviously it’s messed up a little.

Hmm, if it were me I would BD every other day still for a little while but that could be tedious and you might just want to wait to next month.

I’m really sorry for your loss 🙁 *hugs*

Clomid after Miscarriage?

I got pregnant on my 3rd cycle of clomid only to mc at 6wks. I have done one cycle of clomid since the mc and had a neg preg test. Should I try clomid again? Has anyone had a clomid preg, mc, and then gotton preg on clomid again? How long did it take after your mc?

I got preg 1st cycle of clomid. 100mg. days 5-9. Then m/c at 8 weeks. Waited 2 months and took it again. I was ovulating but it took the specialist 2 cycles to finally tell me that my uterine lining was too thin. Clomid does that. The N.P. suggeseted that I take LETROZOLE, instead of clomid. It’s also known as FEMARA. I took the 2nd lowest dose, sorry not sure what it was… and it worked!!! I’m now 22 weeks pregnant! So 7 months after my m/c I was pregnant. However if I were you I’d ask if you could go straight to letrozole. I waited 2 months… took 2 rounds of clomid, had to sit out a month due to a cyst that the clomid caused… took too small of a dose of letrozole (didn’t make me ovulate) then once they got me on the right amount I got pregnant!!!

Also taking 1 baby asprin a day improves the thickenss of your uterus. I took that w/ the Letrozole.

Best of luck and I hope this helps!!!!

Email me if you want to know anymore…

Questions about Clomid after miscarriage?

I took 4 cycles of Clomid and got pregnant on the 4th try. I miscarried last week at 4 weeks (very early). My doctor says I should wait a full cycle before trying again. My question is, does it take a while for the Clomid to start working or can it work on the 1st attempt? I’m wondering because it took me 4 tries initially, and I know you can’t just keep taking it indefinitely because of the long term side effects. Will I have to try for more than one cycle if I have a break from it for 2 months? Hope this makes sense.

I think it is really hard to say. I took clomid 4 cycles before we got pregnant and I lost the baby in May at 8w4d. After the m/c I was put on Metformin and we waited for that to work for a couple months and now I am back on the clomid. Currently cycle 3 on clomid and waiting to see if it brings me a BFP.

Also we waited until a reg. AF before we started trying again. I counted the m/c as CD1 and O’d on CD27.

Sorry to hear about your loss and I pray it happens soon for you.

Good Luck! BabyDust!!!

Ovulation after miscarriage without the help of Clomid?

My husband and I have been ttc for a year now. After many many months we have FINALLY found the right dose of Clomid that will make me O (150). After 1 unsuccesfull try with the help of IUI we were finally able to conveive. Sadly days after we got our BFP we had a miscarriage. A week after I started bleeding my pregnancy hormones were back to negative. The doctor said it should take up to 6 weeks to get my period so we can start trying again. About 2 weeks after the miscarriage I “felt” like I was ovulating. Up until now I have never ovulated without the help of Clomid, but I have also never tried. I decided not to use an OPK because I didn’t want to obesses over it. But now I am obsessing over if I ovulated or not. Has anything out there ovulated without Clomid after having to be on it for months before?

YES! In fact, I conceived my daughter on Clomid after one month on 50mg, then when we decided to ttc #2, I was on Clomid (various doses) w/IUIs every month for almost 6 years with no luck. Long story short, we stopped ttc, and I began to ovulate on my own…ended up getting pregnant with my son without any outside help at all.
Sometimes the Clomid “trains” your body to function the way that it should…
I’m sorry about your loss and wish you the very best of luck in the future!

Clomid 1 cycle after miscarriage?

hey all,
I have PCOS I was given Metformin and Clomid few weeks before I found out we were pg. So, now after we lost the baby due to a blighted ovum at nearly 11 weeks, we are just waiting for our first cycle-the cycle they said we could start trying again!
I am seeing a different Dr. from the one that prescribed me the Clomid, The new Dr. is having me to take metformin only, but i really want clomid, to induce ovulation sooner than i do. i have a 35 day cycle and i ovulate late in my cycle and i think that what causes my miscarriage. i have clomid should i just started taking it when i get my AF 1-5 and then go to my old DR and get monitored?

Has anyone else had experience taking Clomid right after a Miscarriage? I am hoping the Clomid will help me to have a healthier egg and make for a lasting pregnancy!

am very tired and confused, i just dont want to go threw another M/C

I’ve heard of some women having success stories with Metformin alone. Ask your new dr the reason he is recommending this as I believe its closely linked with pcos. Or maybe get a second opinion, but dont take the medication without the dr’s advice. I am sorry for your loss hon, I’ve been following your posts and my heart breaks for you.. I’ve also had a miscarriage, but it was much earlier than you. All the best and keep us posted.. wishing you the very best of the best xxxxx

Clomid, then miscarriage, can i concieve naturally just after miscarriage?

i had my first round of clomid 50mg, and fell pregnant first time. i then miscarried at 6 weeks. i have just finished bleeding and want to start ttc straight away. reading on net, iv found that you are extremely fertile after miscarriage? i cant start clomid again til my next period. i just wondered if anyone has concieved in the time from miscarrying to having next period, when clomid is needed to concieve?
i was trying for 9 months and have pcos before my first treatment of clomid. just wondered wot my chances are of concieving after miscarriage without clomid in this first month??

I would also recommend not rushing into ttc again. I had a miscarriage, got pregnant again pretty quickly and miscarried again.
It was only when I left it a few months and let my body recover that I had a successful pregnancy.

I know that you just want to be pregnant again but it would be worth letting your body get back to normal.

Clomid after Recurrent Miscarriage and Unexplained Infertility?

I have had 3 previous miscarriages, the last one being a year ago. Since I have not been pregnant in a year, I am now in the unexplained fertility category. This is my first month taking 5 days of clomid, 3 days of estroidal, and an ovidrel shot.I am now 3 days pov.
I was wondering if there is anyone else who has taken clomid after recurrent miscarriages? What are the chances of miscarrying after clomid? I am also taking 200mg of progesterone.

Have you been tested for possible causes of your recurrent miscarriages?

Clomid is not a treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss and won’t change anything as far as preventing another miscarriage. The progesterone might, if your issue is low progesterone, but you would have to have had extensive testing to determine the cause of your miscarriages to find the right treatment.

Good luck!

Miscarriage after conceiving on Clomid?

I have PCOS and am trying to conceive with Clomid. I have heard that Clomid increases your chances of m/c….Just wondering who out there is willing to share their stories of m/c after Clomid. Or on the flip side, who has conceived successfully without m/c.

I got pg after my second round of clomid at 100mg. and it ended in mc after 8wks in june. We tried for 2 years on our own so this was very sad news.. I’m willing to try the clomid again next month. I have faith that god will bless us.. But I also have a friend that had a very healthy little girl after using clomid. I’m not sure if it’s true clomid increases your chances of mc or not. But it’s worth for me..

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