Can you take advil with vicodin

Can you take advil with vicodin

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Dentist replaced filling in crown on Thursday and today I am in a lot of pain!?

I have a crown on a tooth that needs a root canal. I can’t afford it right now so, the dentist performed (about 3 months ago) kind of a partial root canal and put in a temporary filling which fell out a couple of weeks ago. (He said it was a temporary fix but would sustain me for 6 months to a year). It was not painful having the filling missing, but on Thursday I went in to have the filling put back in to prevent infection, etc. I was fine on Friday, but this morning I woke up with extreme sensitivity on the tooth. It hurt a lot to touch it. Throughout the day the pain has gotten worse and has progessed to a throbbing pain and referred pain to other teeth. I have taken Vicodin and advil with little no relief.
Ice helps a little, but other than that it is pretty bad. Please let me know if you know what the problem might be or if there is something else I can do to relieve the pain till the dentist is in on Monday.

Before he put the temp in the tooth it was able to drain whatever infection was in there. Then he closed it up by placing the temp filling thereby closing in the infection in,
like placing a cork in a bottle of carbonated soda that is about to explode. Your dentist needs to take the filling out let the tooth drain and put you on a 10 day regimen of antibiotics.
To prevent food from getting in the hole he can place a soft peice of cotton. When your pain is gone he can place a temp again. If you have no more pain, he can then finish the root canal.
Don’t forget the post and core afterwards. And as long as the crown still fits well you don’t need a new one. But you do have to wonder how the decay got under the crown if it fit well in the first place. Unless decay was left there initially. Food for thought, though. Good Luck!

Pain Relief Help?

I have Mono and my throat/ear/nose/face are in agonizing pain when I try to swallow or burp. The doctor prescribes Vicodin for pain relief, but it’s not really working. I’m also on two other prescriptions (Methilprednisone and Amoxicillian). I’m supposed to have food with all of these meds, but if I can’t swallow, what am I supposed to do? I’m very frustrated. I just want to eat something.

Can I take Advil to buffer the Vicodin? Should I go back to the clinic (of course it was an urgen care, not my regular dr.)? Will they think I’m some drug addict if I go in and ask for something stonger?

I’m at a loss, please advice.

Also, if you care, there’s more about my pain here:;…

Thank you!!

Please do not take Advil to supplement the vicodin. Advil is an anti-inflammatory but you are already on a powerful steroid which should reduce the inflammation. Since its Sunday, I would say go back to the Urgent Care, however, you have to follow up with your own doctor. Your spleen could become enlarged and possibly rupture. Be careful, go back to the doc, hope you feel better soon.

I had dental work yesterday, and I can’t stop throwing up?? help :(?

I had 4 teeth worked on yesterday because I need to get some ortho work soon, and it was in preparation for that. I always got my gums in the back cut down, and I think the doctor gave me 3, or 4 shots of Novocaine. This morning I woke up weak, shakey, and hot. The only medicine I was persrcibed was vicodin, but its just the weak one with 500mg of asprin (im sorry i don’t know all the specific) the doctor also told me to take some advil to prevent swelling. This morning I took one vicodin, a vitamin, and one advil. After my nap I thought I just needed something in my stomach I took a sip of milk, and then started dry heaving in the sink. A few minutes later I threw up yellow bile, with blood in it, and its happened 4 times. IDK what to do because my husband is at school. I’m really upset what do you think is wrong?

Novocain often causes nausea and vomiting. The blood was probably caused by the gums, which are extremely sensitive after surgery. If you continue to be nauseous and vomit, or if you see blood again, call your dentist immediately! Actually, call anyway, just to be safe. You could be having a reaction to the Novocain. Call your husband too, if he has a cell phone.

What should I do about this?

Ok so right now I don’t have health insurance and I *might* be getting on some health insurance within the next week but its the basic for lack of a better term “poor people” health insurance, I mean no disrespect but I can’t think of any other way to describe it at the moment, its a little late It’s all I can get since I can’t afford to pay out the you know what for regular insurance, in my state im just past the age you are allowed to be on your parents insurance, they kick you off at 19 and I don’t have some fabulous job where they give you benefits and I don’t have the qualifications for many jobs since I am so young and haven’t finished a degree for anything.

I don’t think with that I will be able to get the health care I really need with this insurance.
My dilemma is, I currently may have a bulging/herniated disc and I am in a terrible amount of pain on a daily basis. Today I picked up my back pack and had shooting pains in the spot its been hurting and it made my leg go weak.

Should I wait and see if I can get on some health insurance and find a doctor that takes the insurance?
Or should I just take a trip to the ER and get some x-rays done to see what is going on with my back and they can give me some sort of prescription to help with pain and inflammation?

I could easily go to the ER tomorrow and find out what the problem is and get something for the pain. I have been self-medicating with some Vicodin I got when I got my wisdom teeth out and only have 10 1/2 pills left, I have only been taking half. I know you may think oh woah you don’t need Vicodin, go take an Advil but nothing works and I am not some pill seeking junkie, I legitly hurt bad enough.

What should I do? Either way I will probably end up paying a lot in medical bills.

You can go to the ER and tell them you cant pay. THey wont refuse to see you. If you cant pay them when the bill comes due just call them and ask them what you can work out. dont let them talk you into a payment plan you cant afford! If they know you are serious and truthful they will write off your bill. You wont have to pay it but you will have to call and explain it and ask for this help.
THe problem is this is a quick fix. Sure they may diagnose whats wrong at the ER. THey may give you something for pain and maybe even a muscle relaxer. The problem is that they are going to refer you to see your family doctor or another doctor if you dont have a family doctor for follow up care. Again be honest and let them know that you cant afford a doctor. You may have to search out a clinic that has a pay scale according to your income. If you have no income the charges will be minimal. Than there are the RX fees. Go to your local Wal-mart pharmacy. Ask for their $4 medication list. Take this with you to the hospital and doctors office and if they are gonna prescribe something for you show them the list and ask if at all possible that they choose a medication on this list. Sometimes if you tell the doctors office you cant afford the Rx they will have samples. Please see someone soon as you could do more damage to your back if you dont. Good luck.

Penicillin after root canal..Help!?

Ok I had my second root canal today on my back molar. The first root canal my regular dentist performed 2 yrs ago on another molar. At the time he prescribed Vicodin only (which I ended up not needing..I took Advil).

This time around a entodontist(sp?) that my dentist hired 6 months ago did the root canal. Along with the pain killers, he also prescribed penicillin. I was advised to take 1 pill every 6 hours for 7 days.

Now the pain I’m not worried about (in both root canal cases I was not in pain before the treatment). But I am worried about this penicillin. I’ve never taken this before, and I wasn’t prescribed with it the last time, all though in both cases my molars were infected. Please provide me with any information you can, especially dental professionals! Thank!

I’m a dentist.

Yahoo should eliminate the “Health” category altogether. People who don’t know a damn thing about medicine can dole out advice (which is usually wrong) as if they are doctors. What is particularly concerning is that they provide such advice with authority, rarely using the words “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know”. As such, the average person who doesn’t know any better will be inclined to take such advice, thinking that it’s good advice.

NONE of the answers above mine are good ones, just FYI.

If the doctor prescribed penicillin for you, then take it. We don’t prescribe medications unless they are necessary or we think they may offer some benefit. Penicillin is a commonly used antibiotic that I myself commonly prescribe after performing root canals…as a precautionary measure.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled last week and am having extreme pain- what should I do?

I got my wisdom teeth pulled last thursday. So, it’s been a week and I’m still in pain. Only one was impacted, but I got all four pulled at once.

They gave me laughing gas followed by an IV that made me go to sleep.

They dentist gave me vicodin (sp?) but it only lasted 3 days. I have been taking advil, but it doesn’t help. I called in and asked for another prescription but they won’t give me one.

It’s almost like a bump is forming over the bottom left side- along with the gum separating from my tooth. The holes on the bottom of my mouth are the worst. They are huge (a large pea could fit into them).

And to top it all off, one of my front teeth is now crooked. It wasn’t before I had them pulled. It’s starting to move behind my other tooth. This happened just 3 or 4 days after the surgery.

When I called the doctor they said I should be fine.

If anyone has gotten their wisdom teeth pulled can you please tell me how it went? Was it this bad for you? And any doctors/dentists- if you could help me out that would be great.

i would definitely suggest making an appointment with your dentist…if you are still in a lot of pain 1 wk post-op you could/probably do have a dry socket (which causes a lot of pain and often needs a medicated dressing to be put in the whole, as well as antibiotics) or some sort of infection.

my experience was pretty good when i had my wisdom teeth out…i had all four of them removed (my 2 bottom ones were impacted), i mostly only took Tylenol bc i wasn’t in that much pain (luckily!). im not really sure what the bump thing is that u are talking about…my holes are still closing up (my top ones are closed pretty much completly and my bottom ones are closing, but are still big enough to still get food caught in the sometimes)

also it really doesn’t make sense to my why ur front tooth is crooked (i know that im not a dentist or anything)…it would make sense to me if it was that way before bc ur wisdom teeth can push ur other teeth, making them crooked.

but i think you should make an appointment with ur dentist (actually you should have a post-op appointment…i had mine 5 days post-op where he removed my stitches and made sure everything was fine).

good luck! i hope u feel better soon! =)

Your opinion of the best OTC pain medicines?

I personally have them ranked (from most to least effective): Advil/Motrin, Aleve, Aspirin/Tylenol combos (Excedrin), Tylenol, Aspirin.

The reason I have Advil ranked first is because of the flexibility that you have with it. For example, if you have a minor headache, you can take 400mg and be fine. On the other hand, if you have a more serious injury, you can take 800mg at a time, and that 800mg is probably more effective than codeine, and even touching into lower dose Vicodin territory for effectiveness (in my opinion).

Your thoughts?

My opinion is Advil/Motrin is the best. However, I prefer to use generic Ibuprofen … BTW… 200 mg is the recommended dose of Ibuprofen for most simple pain… 400 to 800 mg should be used for very short periods because it will tear up your stomach if you use it in high doses for long periods.. I use if for back pain, muscle pain, and headaches. I prefer it over prescription pain meds for most items..

I rarely use Tylenol, Excedrin has Caffeine in it also. However, aspirin is acceptable for most headaches.

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