Can you quit vicodin cold turkey

Can you quit vicodin cold turkey

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How To Quit Using/Addiction Help?

My Aunt was addicted to Vicodin some years back. She cleaned up and went on with life. Due to a severe injury she started taking Vicodin again about 6 weeks ago. She is now going to quit cold turkey (no insurance, no money, no re-hab this time). She knows this will be tough for several days(?) w/withdrawals. Any advice will be appreciated to let her know she can do this and anything natural that might give her any level of comfort. Please don’t respond with going to rehab. Unfortunately this is not a possibility. Thank You.

Aren’t there free clinics in your area?
If not, my siggestion would be to step down the dose gradually. Don’t try to quit cold turkey unless she likes vomiting and being miserable. Even gradually reducing her dose a half pill at a time will help decrease the wd effects.

Vicodin withdrawals… advice?

okay. i need help, and i’m too embarrassed to talk to anyone around me that actually knows me.

soo here’s the story: i have been prescribed vicodin for about a year now, 5 a month, for severe “womanly issues”. well, one thing led to another, my tolerance built up, i started going elsewhere to obtain more vicodin to last me through the rest of the week, and soon i found myself taking it every day. well, the other day i woke up and realized that i have been taking 6 a day for the last month, and i do NOT want to go down that road. i quit cold turkey; haven’t taken a pill in 3 days. still, my whole entire body hurts, i’ll start crying over the STUPIDEST and LITTLEST things EVER, and i am extremely agitated at the whole entire world right now. plus, my thoughts are all over the place, as i’m sure you can tell by this post (usually i am more articulate). i realize that i understood what was happening very early, and that this goes on for years and years for most people and that they get up to 15 or 20 a day or whatever, and that this is probably nothing compared to what they’ve gone through when quitting, and i’m not trying to undermine what anyone else has suffered through… but still this is very uncomfortable for me. and disconcerting to realize. and the cravings are INTENSE. i even had a breakdown about an hour ago, where i called literally EVERYONE in my phonebook seeing if they could get vicodin (no luck, thank GOD). i don’t want to go through another episode like that and actually succeed.

so i guess what i’m asking is for words of wisdom? moral support? words of encouragement, maybe? has anybody else gone through this, and if so, what did you do to ease the withdrawals?

another thing i’m worried about is that i HAVE to take opiods for medical reasons… i’m going to need them again for cramps, when i get my wisdom teeth taken out, and when i go in for cosmetic surgery. any advice on how to not fall back into this loophole?

any help would be appreciated, and please don’t criticize me for this. i do realize this is a problem, but i have acknowledged it and i REALLY want to fix it… so please don’t tell me how stupid i am for getting addicted to the stuff in the first place.


I’ve been in your situation MANY TIMES over the years and I know exactly what you’re talking about and going through. Let me share my perspective on some of the points;

First and foremost, what you’re experiencing is pretty normal, and actually pretty mild. I know that for you it doesn’t seem that way. You’re in pure hell right now. But it could be worse, trust me. Nevertheless, my point is that these things will pass in a week or so.

The biggest problem you’re likely to face is a very long and lingering depression. That was the hardest part for me. I could be sick, sweaty, nervous, and scatterbrained for a week. Hunker down for a week and get through it. But after that passed I’d have months of depression.

The only reason you’d ever tell your doctor is if you cannot quit no matter what you do. As it stands, the fact that you can make it a few days and have the attitude that you want to continue being abstinate means you have the ability, the choice to stop. There is a big difference between you and some other addicts; some people have no choice at all and are powerless. If you can be clean for a few days, then you do have the ability to make the hard decision to quit. You don’t need support from a doctor.

Here is what happens if you tell your doctor, best and worst case scenario.
Best; he refers you to a drug treatment center and offers moral support for your situation. Nothing you can’t really do youself.
Worst; he does report you. SOME DOCTORS DO REPORT! You know why? Simply because state and federal governments are cracking down on doctors that prescribe too many opiates, and a lot of times doctors that are prescribing legitimately get in trouble. But if they report you for malingering or shopping, this absolves them of responsibility. It’s rare, but it does happen.

As far as alternative drugs that’s not going to help you. You will just be going through the same or similar with something else.

What you can try however, if you find yourself unable to stop on your own, is to go to a methadone clinic and get on that so that you can taper down in a controlled environment without risk. They are expensive though, some upwards of $150/week.

Does anyone know any home remedies for vicodin withdrawls?

My boyfriend has been taking 10-15 vicodins a day and wants/needs to quit. Right now he is trying to just go cold turkey which he figures is probably the best way. Although it is making him vomit and he is in pain. What can I do to help? And how long do you think that it will last?

OK. Since i went through this two months ago, i can safely and honestly tell you what worked for me and what did not. First i did the cold turkey thing mainly b/c i didn’tt have anymore andwasn’tt going to seek it out. The first 1-4 days are pure hell (vomiting, diarrhea, can’t walk, talk, eat-depends on how many you were taking). You feel like you may die. I suggest just staying in your bed and sleeping. If you have to take Tylenol PM or whatever to sleep, it helps. Just pretend like it is the worst flu that you have ever had (and if you need to, tell others that too). It is helpful to have someone there just to get you water, gatorade , etc. You may not be able to eat for a few days, but just keep yourself hydrated. Imodium and vitamins helps, so be sure to have some on hand. By about day 10, i was able to join the world again, but very slowly. I was surprised how weak i was and how much weight i had lost. 2 months later, my body still does not feel as strong…here is what worked the best for me; massages. Massages are a God send and you will not feel like getting one, but just do it. Massages are meant to get your body functioning again, get movement going, etc. I was lucky enough to just pay for a professional massage, but if you have a hubby, wife, GF, etc..ask them. A massage for me worked so much better than any other home remedy.
There is a difference between an addict and a heavy abuser. An addict may need more help than just detoxing. After your sickness goes away, you may feel like using again. Recovery happens after detox. Good luck. Not easy!

Addiction Advice for Quitting?

My Aunt was addicted to Vicodin some years back. She cleaned up and went on with life. Due to a severe injury she started taking Vicodin again about 6 weeks ago. She is now going to quit cold turkey (no insurance, no money, no re-hab this time). She knows this will be tough for several days(?) w/withdrawals. Any advice will be appreciated to let her know she can do this and anything natural that might give her any level of comfort. Please don’t respond with going to rehab. Unfortunately this is not a possibility. Thank You.

why did the dr. give her this med? She should have adivsed him that she had an addiction problem..

anyways, she overcame this before and, she can do it again!!

Any struggling opiate addicts?

Any struggling opiate addicts out there needing some advice? First of all I was a major Vicodin addict 3.5 years ago and quit cold turkey which was hell!! I am not a doctor of any sort just beat the habit with some helpful home remedies. I used the Thomas Recipe. First of all it was easy for me because I wasn’t working a lot only part time but I would advise atleast 4-7 days off of work or it will be harder. This is something you truly want to do for your own health, well-being, relationships, finances, and living sober. Life without opiates is amazing I had tons more energy, great state of mind, focus, motivation, and just a healthier lifestyle. For users truly wanting to get clean from Vicodin, Percocet, Lortab, Tramadol read on. Oxycontin and dilaudid if hooked heavily withdrawal will be more intense and will last longer most people go into a detox facility for those drugs along with morphine. From my experience with Vicodin here’s how I got clean. Day one- Xanax, Ativan or Klonopin for anxiety/depression along with B Vitamins for leg cramps. Xanax ect. will also help with restlessness in lower back or body. It also helps produce sleep and takes away being moody throughout your home detoxification. Use ibuprofen or aleve from the start to take away SOME of the aches and pains. Also use a hot tub, hot showers, or hot baths with baking soda or epson salt to get out toxins from body. If at all possible try to get your hands on prescription ibuprofen in 800 milligrams which helps immensely. For sleep use chamomile tea, melatonin, or your Xanax, Valium to produce sleep. You’ll need to get a vitamin supplement which is like a daily vitamin each day along with Imodium for diarrhea (use as much as needed for the runs). The goal is to get to day 4 and at this point your mental state should be almost back to normal. Day 4-7 stop using Xanax or Valium, drink lots of fluids. Try to get moderate exercise 30 minutes. Take l-tyrosine which is an herb which promotes mental focus, clarity, and energy scale up or down depending on how sensitive your body is. I started with 400-500 milligrams on day 4. Days 5-7 continue and by day 7 you will feel like yourself not totally but the physical withdrawal pain will be nothing. It doesn’t stop there for over a month or two you will get cravings, have to cut off ties from your dealers, and basically have to stay focused on maintaining life without opiates. Your mind will still tempt you but stay focused on a hobby, work, or close good friends. The only other advice is there’s really nothing for the cold sweats at night I just figured it was my body getting rid of the bad toxins. Afterall anyone who is an opiate addict like I was for along time numbed themselves from life and trained your brain to maintain equilibrium by popping pills now you can be yourself without them. You will be sober and able to accomplish goals, actually lose weight which I did by maintaining a workout program, and also have more money. Just think you’ll no longer have to stress about finding pills so you won’t go through withdrawal. Your day will consist of production, health, and even just pure freedom. Just 7 days to get out of a very dark place. The downward spiral which for some is too powerful and are junkies forever having nothing, problems with the law, and eventually moving on to stronger drugs like heroin or cocaine. After prolonged opiate use your “high” which lasted mostly all day lasts for about 20-30 minutes making you want to take more or even move up the painkiller ladder onto Percocet, Morphine, or the worst of worst oxycontin. Along the battle remember everyday is closer to the light. Don’t do it for a loved one do it for yourself because eventually you will be chasing a “high” which you won’t catch. It also messes up your liver and after awhile your body stops producing endorphins naturally which can cause disphoria and severe mental depression. You will just want to pop pills and sleep all day due to no motivation. Hope this helps anyone struggling. Take each day at a time and force yourself. If you relapse you’ll have to start all over. God bless and you won’t die from opiate withdrawal just have the worse flu ever!!!! “Long and hard is the way out of hell that leads up to light” John Milton….

>I have tried to get off of tramadol but I also have a baby and it is absolutely impossible it feels like.

Ho Ho Ho.

And techniques to escape withdrawal seem like such a cheat. So many recovered addicts list the intense struggle through withdrawal as a motivating factor to never take anything again. Make it painless, make it seem no big deal. Then again, “addiction” to TRAMADOL isn’t a big idea.

Can you die from opiate analogues withdrawal?

My buddy for an unknown reason fell over an died.
He previously quit abusing medications such as Vicodin, Xanax, Valium, and Oxy-Cotton cold turkey. The stopping cold-turkey landed him in the hospital for several days with flu like symptoms, high-blood pressure, and the supposed idea his heart was almost about to explode from it. He later hopped back on the same drugs, quit again and died.

I was made aware by a professor one cannot just die from withdrawal, does anybody know if you can or cannot? Any resources?

You can die from stopping benzodoazepines cold turkey or too rapidly. Convulsions and coma can both lead to death.

How to come off perscription pills?

sorry its kinda long but i really need some help..thanks i n advance
im not an addict yet but ive seen myself following the addicts trends and way of thinking. I have a history of family drug addicts and ive even had family members commit suicide from the harmful effects of drugs. Im not any better or worse then them even though im not shooting heroin or smoking crack its not any better then what they did.. i feel like crap and i feel full of guilt for what im doing to myself. I once said ” i will NEVER every try oxycotine in my life” after being depressed as a teen from watching my sister fall down a long path of addiction to heroin. her addiction all started from oxycotine and i swore i would never try it.

Well ive been a pot head for years and obviously experenced with drugs like cocaine before but of course it never got out of hand. I started experementing with perscription pills like Vicodin and Percocet. At first i didnt really like them, sometimes i got sick and threw up from them but of course after a while i got used to the feeling and now it almost reminds me of smoking some weed and getting the same kind of high. It still doesnt nessesarily control my life because i can go days without taking a pill sometimes but its gone to bigger and more strong pills like morphine or oxycotin 20 mg pills. (not everyday remind you just randomly but still..)

i dont feel like i have a constant urge to take drugs (except i just use them sometimes if i feel like it at the end of my work day..i dont think about them while at work and it doesnt effect my willingness to work or fuction…i just would want to figure out a way to not ever think about taking pills ever again..i dont wanna end up on a distructive path ive seen so many fall onto…

also my boyfriend is an ex heroin addict who used to be heavily into every kind of drug you can think of before i met him.. he quit cold turkey one day once he saw himself literally dying in front of him..i see him though wanting pills and wanting to get ****** up more then i do though..some days i wont even think about the drug until he says something about it..he even said to me before sometimes he will get strong urges to get pills and if he cant get them he gets aggrevated but eventually hes glad he COULDNT get the drug…i just dont want this drug to ruin our relationship of 4 years over a stupid drug..he also says that I should be careful because of my family history but i see him being worse then me and when i tell him he says he has an extremely high tolorence for the drug because of his ex addiction but i say its worse because hes more prone to getting on the same path he was before…he says he will be able to recodnize himself starting to become dependant..i see it but im not sure if hes in denial or he just knows his body better then me…what do you think?? please really need some help here….

Dear Civic Chick,

You are right to be concerned not only about your own patterns of prescription drug use but also about your boyfriend’s behaviors especially since he has a personal history of drug dependence. Both opioids and cannabinoids bind to specific receptors in the brain and as such can lead to the phenomenon of tolerance where you find that you have to take more and more in order to achieve the same high.

The research clearly demonstrates the potential for both weed and prescription pain pills to create physical/physiological and psychological dependency.

Good for you for wanting to stop. The question is, do you feel like you have enough support to do it safely?

Typically, a medically supervised detox is advised for weaning off opiates (prescription pain pills, heroin, etc.). Depending on how much you are taking and how often, this weaning process could take 3-5 days or longer.

After detox, both you and your boyfriend should strongly consider treatment for substance abuse/dependency in a structured environment. (
Given the nature of your personal relationship and the dynamics involved, you would likely be best served by seeking treatment in different locations. Journey Recovery Centers has treatment centers in Scottsdale, AZ and Salt Lake City, UT.

Residential treatment is the most highly structured level of care and you and your boyfriend could expect to stay 28 days or longer depending on what you need. After residential treatment, you would be referred to an intensive outpatient program (IOP) where you could continue the process of practicing the tools that you learned in residential treatment. You should also seek out a suitable sponsor (AA/NA or both) that can serve as a third party support for you during inevitable times of temptation or other obstacles to recovery.

Journey Healing Centers offers residential treatment, IOP and sober living facilities to serve you and your boyfriend and get you both on the path to life long recovery. Call us at (480) 840-2588.

Congratulations on your decision to seek assistance. You deserve sobriety as does your boyfriend.

Good luck to you Civic Chick!


Dr. Ravi

Please help. I need help with a medicine.?

Ok im going to be completely honest, I’m addicted to Vicodin. I do however want to help myself get off of them. I was taking them for a while beacuse my back kept hurting and the prescription wasnt mine. Anyways I got addicted to them and now I want to wein myself off. Im almost out of pills and ill need to get more in order to lower the dosage down until I get completely off. Ive heard its absolutly terrible to quit cold turkey so this is what I want to do. But my question is How can I get the doctor to give me some? Is there a good excuse I can make up? I dont have any back pain anymore and she doesnt know I was taking the ones I did. Please help me find a reason to get some more so that I can help myself get off of them completely!!

Thank you

You say you have been taking them for “a while” – how long is that exactly?

You can take them for a month at a prescribed dosage (even though it wasn’t prescribed for you) and quit cold turkey with almost no side-effects.

Now, if you were taking a LOT of them for a month, or taking them at a lower dose for longer than a month, you should probably just tell the doctor that and ask them to wean you off.

It’s very hard to get a doctor to prescribe narcotics, so your best bet is honesty, and honesty about narcotics is always best for your health.

Addicted to painkillers. How can I help with withdrawls?

I have a lot of injuries from being a gymnast for 10 years, and basically played a lot of rough sports such as hockey. I have had 7 concussions and a lot of torn things lol. I have been prescribed a lot of pain pills. Vicodin/Lortab/Hydrocodone, Tylenol with Codiene, Percoset the list goes on.. but I got to the point where even if I wasn’t in pain I would take them just to get high, then I started snorting them to feel the high quicker and more intense, now Ive moved on to worse drugs. Aside from that I have had a pretty bad drinking problem since I was like 15. It was the cool thing to do but I couldnt stop and when I finally did stop (for the most part) I turned to pills and other drugs worse than drinking. I really dont like that I am like this but I really do enjoy getting high =]. So dont tell me to go to rehab, because I have been there, AA meetings and whatever. I have the power to stop on my own, I am just scared to feel the pain of withdrawl, so if anyone knows anything that can help? It would be appreciated. I have heard after takin opiets for a long period of time and the quitting cold turkey, the physical pain can get pretty bad to where you will take them again just to stop it. Help Please =]

I have never personally dealt with this type of withdrawals, but I would like to give you my 2 pennies.

Get whichever painkiller you like best (NON OFFICAL ADVICE- just think about it?) Then gradually decrease 20 – maybe 10% week per week (say you do about 200mg of codeine per day, do 200 a day for the first week, then 180, then 160, then 140 so on and so forth) you need to get your body gradually off the drugs, and if the pain gets to bad, smoke some marijuana ( I know sounds bad, but that in itself is a highly un-physically addicting drug that helps pain)

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