Can men take clomid

Can men take clomid

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Any success with husband and wife taking Clomid?

I have been taking Clomid to help improve the shape of my sperm. Now, the doctor is putting my wife on it to help her produce more eggs and improve our changes even further. Has anyone had success with this? How many cycles did you go through before you became pregnant? For those of you that don’t know, Clomid can be taken by men to improve sperm quality. Thanks for your help!

My husband is on Clomid as well. He is taking it for his low count and poor motility. He has to take it for 3 months at a time, (I think it is standard protocol, so it is likely the same for you) and this is his 2nd round. The first round didn’t increase his count, but it did just slightly increase his motility a little. At one point both of us were both on Clomid, and at one point we also did 2 IUI’s (also known as artificial insemination) but those both failed as well due to his low count and poor motility.

It takes 3 month for you to make a new sperm cell. Anything that you do today is going to affect your sperm 3 months from now. The Clomid that you are taking today will not take effect for 3 months, so don’t expect results any sooner. Your dr should run another semen analysis 3 months after you first started taking Clomid to see if it has helped you at all, then your wife should begin taking it as well. Women should only be on Clomid no longer than 6 cycles at a time, so in my opinion, she should maybe wait to begin Clomid till you see if it has helped you at all. She can certainly start now, but it may be worth waiting to see your results, as she should only be on it for 6 cycles in a row, if she choses to do so.

Our urologist also told us about another product to help my husbands sperm, which he is taking right now along with Clomid. Here is the link:
My husband takes this twice a day, morning and night. You do not need a prescription for this, and our urologist highly recommended it, so you may want to ask your dr about it to see if it may work for you. Again, since it takes 3 months to make a new sperm cell, results will take 3 months, with optimum results in 6 months. So, if after 3-6 months (after this here 3 month round of Clomid and Proxeed that he is on) his count has improved, we will discuss me going back on Clomid and possibly doing another IUI, as our reason for infertility is male factor.

Hope this helped. If you need to vent or need any further info, feel free to email me through my profile, I am happy to help! There will be a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 Sending you and your wife all the luck in the world 🙂

Clomid for men question?

Hi has anyones spouse taken clomid to help with fertility i also hear it helps with the sperm count as well

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Clomiphene citrate for infertility

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My first OB actually has told me once that she’s going to prescribe Clomid for my husband..that is after his semen analysis.

unfortunately, i had to find another one cause she’s charging me too much…

Clomid for increasing testosterone levels?

I am a man 43 years of age.Can i take clomid to increase my testosterone levels?I am not in anaboliks,so,can clomid restore my testosterone or it works only after taking anaboliks?

Don’t let the word ‘anabolic’ scare you – there is nothing wrong with taking a steroid if that is what you need.

One of the best sources of testosterone replacement therapy is topically applied creams/gels as they control the dosage with ease (can be changed daily as required – injections last weeks and once it’s in you cannot get it out if the dose is wrong).

The creams are probably far better as they are not sticky, are not alcohol based (which causes skin rashes and irritation in many users), the creams also have far higher rates of adsorption through the skin (AndroGel has 10% adsorption and AndroMen Testosterone Cream has 70%), the AndroMen cream is also bio-identical (far safer than the synthetic varieties available).

People who have been TTC intercourse every other day? Possible?

I read people who have ben TTC for a year or 5 months or 8months… I have PCOS and for the past 3 months doc had asked us to have intercourse every other day since my periods were very irregular. Is it the same case with others who have irregular periods?? I mean do every couple need to try every other day? How can we ladies get into the mood to sex and does men take it?
Also as I stated earlier am gonna have an HSG test soon.Was very confident but now stating to have negative thoughts – what if my tubes are blocked etc etc… I have PCOS and we have been TTC next month will be on the 1st round of clomid!

i have pcos too and irregular periods, so my doctor recommended intercourse every 2-3 days. most women do not need to do this so often. women with regular periods can calculate out when they will ovulate, and can just have intercourse the day before or day of ovulation. it’s only because our periods are irregular and we do not know when we’ll ovulate that we should have sex so often.
but i started using ovulation predictor kits which are tests that you pee on each day and they tell you when you are ovulating. if you don’t want to have sex every other day, you can use the predictor kits and then just have sex when you are ovulating.

Clomid cycle buddy help?

Does anyone know of a site that I can go to or is there anyone that wants to be “Clomid cycle buddies”? I just started taking Clomid 50 mg on the 5th for CD 5-9 and Metformin 1500mg daily. I was dx with PCOS in 2000. My DH is supportive but he doesn’t really understand (as most men I don’t know anyone personally that is going through any of this (I don’t even know anyone that is TTC) so I would really appreciate someone to talk to about all this. Thanks for your help!

I am going to start my Clomid circle in the next few days, it is my first time and I don’t know what to expect. I can understand the feeling of want to talk to someone. I don have anyone to talk to as well because everyone always tell you ‘don’t worry you will be fine’.
I am trying to relax and stay positive about this, just believe in yourself that you are bless and will get pregnant soon.
maybe you will love to see the website below:

wish we both get pregnant asap


On clomid, severe ovulation pain, no LH surge detected on OPK?

Hi Ladies, and men if you know the answer…

I am on day 14 of my cycle, took 50mg clomid from day 3-7, and had strong ‘ovulation’ pain on day 12 and 13. So far though, I have had NO sign on my daily OPK tests that I have ovulated….. there is a faint line on every one of them (next to the control line), they all look the same, but there is no change whatsoever. Can anyone give any insight?
Also, I have PCOS, and have read that clomid and or PCOS cannot change or effect the outcome of an OPK, but, I am really starting to wonder…
If you have experience or know whats happened, could you please share. I feel like I ovulated, but the tests are saying that I did not… I am confused.
Thanks all,


Keep in mind that the ovulation pain you thought you were experiencing might have well been clomid causing ovary activity and it not actually be ovulation. This happens to alot of ladies on clomid, myself included.

Yes, PCOS can affect opks. They can give numerous negatives before positives, but with clomid it should have straightened that out…clomid should be on target with your opks.

Glad you got your positive, and I hope it brings you a bfp soon. Good luck.

Been TTC for several months… any more suggestions?

Been trying for about 8 months. Both pretty healthy and I came off the pill about a year ago. Even then, I was only on it for a few months.

Two years before this, we were trying also, nothing for a year. But we hadn’t been religiously trying, you know?

I think I’m ovulating, I get a white slimy discharge (I am STD free lol) about 2 weeks after my period every month. Give or take.

I am going to buy the book “Taking charge of your fertility.”

I heard that men can take a supplement that helps sperm mobility. I am going to buy ovulation kits tonight.

My periods are just crazy, every 35-40 days(give or take) so I don’t really know when I am supposed to ovulate.

I’ve heard of something called pre-seed. What does it do?

Also, the egg white like stuff is only to help the sperm get up where they need to be right? Isn’t that what pre-seed is for? Also, about how much is it?

When will your Dr finally put you on clomid? I heard it does wonders lol.

Sorry for the 100 questions! thanks!

It’s great that you bought the book- it will actually explain my first recommendation:

1) Chart your BBT. Its the only way to know if and when you are ovulating. Tracking the eggwhite cervical mucus and doing OPKs are great, but neither method GUARANTEES that you actually ovulate. Also, BBT will really help your doctor figure out what might be going on if you need to make an appointment to “move things along”.

2) A simple multivitamin will help keep your hubby healthy. Zinc and selenium have also been linked to better sperm health. Also, smoking and alcohol can decrease sperm.

3) Make sure you are taking a prenatal vitamin so your baby can get a healthy start.

4) Preseed is a sperm-friendly lubricant. Most lubricants kill sperm because they don’t have the proper consistency and ph. Preseed really only helps if you don’t get that fertile CM (which it sounds like you do). Its probably not necessary if you get the eggwhite CM. I’m not sure on the price, but you can buy it online. A cheaper alternative is to make sure you are adequately hydrated (lots of water).

5) Yep. Eggwhite CM helps your sperm get to where it needs to go.

6) Your doctor may or may not put you on clomid depending on what your fertility issues are. Clomid only helps induce/strengthen ovulation, so if you don’t have a problem with ovulation or if you have other hormonal/structural issues (or if hubby has a problem), other medication and procedures will be more helpful. See a doctor after you have been trying to concieve for at least a year if you are under 35. If you are over 35, seek a doctor after 6months.

Hope this helps a little! Good luck and lots of baby dust!!!

Progesterone, clomid, hcg?

I took 100mg of clomid this month as with 50mg my progesterone level was only 4 so they knew i hadn’t ovulated but this time my progesterone is 32 and i really feel pregnant ive been sick my boobs are really sore I’m hot all the time and constipated! Also really tired but i know sometimes clomid can do funny things.
Anyway i went and got my day 21 blood test and asked them to do a pregnancy test too.
Just phoned for results and the secretary said that it said there was a low amount of hcg in my blood and that it had written on it not normally seen in men or non pregnant women?
Shes gonna check with a doctor and get back to me??
Do you think as it was only day 21 it would be low anyway?

I would think so yes.
I thought any hcg was a good thing.

Wishing you well

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