Can clomid make you dry

Can clomid make you dry

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Question about Clomid, Robitussin, and EPO?

So I’ve read that Clomid can make you “dry,” so to help matters, I was going to take Robitussin and Evening Primrose Oil. My question is…when should I start the Robo and EPO? I’m on clomid CD 5-9 and expect to ovulate CD 13-15 (that’s my usual).

I would start to take it about day 5 of your cycle and take it every day.
I use pre seed and that does the trick, I haven’t tried the EPO so I can’t comment on that but completely recommend pre seed!

Good luck!

How long did it take for you to become pregnant with taking clomid?

I start taking 50mg of clomid on days 3-7 of my cycle. Just wondering how long it took all of you and what dose you were at. Also anything to help cm. I am extremly dry the way it is and I heard that clomid can make that worse.



Taking Clomid For The First Time?

I have a few questions about clomid

1- Whens the best time to take it day or night?

2- Does it really make you dry and if so what can i do about it

3- What are the success rates of the medicines?

1) i took mine at night but i dont think it matters
2) yes it makes you dry use lube they even have the kind that is good for sperm motility
3)the success rates vary it depends on what you are taking it for ie. you dont ovulate or if you are just trying to increase your chances of getting prego

Please Help.. Preseed Question?

I will be starting Clomid soon so was thinking about buying Preseed [as I have heard that Clomid can make you dry]

– Should I buy it now for the first round or wait and see whether I do go dry and then buy it for the second?

– Which one should I get? I went on the website… and there are 2 types.. multi use and pre-conception.. Which one is better?



There are some things you can do to help with the drying of cervical mucus from clomid. Before you buy Pre-seed, I would strongly suggest that you wait and see how the Clomid affects you. Some things to do each and every cycle: drink LOTS of water, drink green tea, stay away from allergy meds and antihistamines including benadryl. Also, Robitussin has been shown to help thin your mucus, the mucus in your nose is basically the same as the mucus from your cervix. See this article for more info:

Quick clomid??

Does clomid usually make u ovulate at the exact time “normal” women ovulat(i.e. 12-16 days after AF). Or can clomid delay ovulation until much later in cycle???

One other question for those who used it…Were you kinda dry around the time you should’ve ovulated????

Yes, clomid can make your cm dry. That is a common side effect of clomid. I am currently on my third round of clomid. My first round I noticed an increase of my cm, but my second round I had none. I know I ovulated because of my blood test and my positive opks. If you are dry, you may want to try using pre-seed. I just ordered some and have heard it is an excellent product.

My first round I took 50 mg on day 5-9 and ovulated on cd 23. My doctor said that was unusual to ovulate so late in your cycle on clomid, so she told me to take 50 mg on day 4-8 for my second round. I ovulated on cd 14. I am currently on my third round of 50 mg on day 4-8 and am hoping this is the month.

Every women is different and their body reacts differently to clomid so it is possible to ovulate later in your cycle. However, they say you should ovulate between 5 to 10 day after taking the last clomid pill. If you are ovulating much later in your cycle, I would talk to your doctor. It may be as easy as changing the days you are taking clomid.

Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!

Is it OK to take Clomid if you do not have PCOS and do ovulate on your own? I have heard it should only be….

taken if you do not ovulate? I am considering beginning Clomid next cycle, and I have alot of questions. I need to clarify a few things before making a decision. Do any of you ovulate on your own but take Clomid? Can taking Clomid if you do ovulate cause infertility or cause annovulatory cycles? After having an annovulatory cycle with Clomid, did your cycle go back to normal after stopping Clomid. How many cycles did you take Clomid before conceiving? Can you have a miscarriage due to Clomid? Have any of you who have conceived with Clomid had twins or more? Is it best to take Clomid in the a.m. or the p.m.? Did Clomid dry up your cervical mucus greatly? When taking Clomid, would you recommend days 3 – 7 or 5 – 9? What cycle day did you ovulate on a Clomid cycle? Can you use OPK’s when using Clomid? Usually what is a range of how much Clomid cost? How are the side effects? Any other suggestions or advice would be great in case I didn’t think to ask something in particular. Thank you!!!

This link will be useful for you.…

Good luck!

I start Clomid 100mg tomorow and im confused…?

My doc says that clomid will dry me up down there and he told me not to use ky jelly or saliva to help. so i was just curious on how exactly its going to work because if I’m dry that will hurt really bad.

Also i was told that if we have oral before that it will kill the sperm even before he C u ms. Is that true?

Would it be bad if he was to do oral on me to make me wet?

What else can we use?

I’m also on progesterone 100mg will that help?

I am in germany with my husband who is stationed here. So my fertility specialist is german and i can’t understand him to well. but i was referred to him by our insurance and hes supposed to be a great doc. so i don’t want to change docs. my husband can understand him really well so he just tells me later what he said. but my husband couldn’t go with me to my last appointment. So don’t tell me to switch docs.

thank you!!!

What else can i do to help have our little baby?

I would look into picking up some pre-seed – it is a sperm friendly lubricant that you can use in conjunction with your fertility treatments.

Saliva and other lubricants can have a negative impact on sperm . . . so it would be best to not use them when trying to conceive.

As you will not be starting progesterone until after ovulation (I am assuming), it will not help with the dryness during intercourse.

Hope this helps & loads of baby dust!

Sperm friendly lubricant?

Good morning everyone..

I have been taking Metformin and Levothyroxine and aspirin for over a month now..
I have noticed that I’m not as lubricate as I used too.. 🙁 Does this medicine makes you dry?
What (over the counter) sperm friendly lubricant can I use?
Also, I will start clomid soon is it true that you don’t get the fertile mucus with clomid?

Thanks 🙂

Baby dust to you all!

All conventional lubricants are bad when you are ttc. The only one that is ok is pre-seed but you can’t get this over the conter in the UK. You have to order it online. However, if you buy it from ebay from the guy I buy it from and you order before 2pm then it usually arrives the next day.

Otherwise, something that some people use is raw egg whites which is very sperm friendly, but a bit strange! However, some ladies swear by it!

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