Can clomid causes a late period

Can clomid causes a late period

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Can NOT taking Clomid, make AF late? CD35 and still no AF.?

Iv been on 3 rounds of Clomid. 50mg,50mg,100mg. I finally ovulated on 100mg but did not get pregnant. My doctor wanted me to try 100mg again in the 4th round (december)..but i decided to take a break for the holidays instead. So i didn’t take the Clomid. I didn’t use an OPK., and I have no idea if or when i ovulated.

Since iv been on Clomid my cycles have been 32 days.
And i always get cramps at least 2-3 days before my period starts.

Today is now CD35. No cramps. No AF. BUT NO Pregnancy Symptoms.

Could not taking the Clomid be causing AF to be late?
Or could i actually have gotten prego on a break without the Clomid?

O and i havent taken a test yet, im to scared! I dont think i can take seeing another BIG FAT NEGATIVE staring back at me!

AF= Aunt Flow= Period
OPK= Ovulation Predictor Kit
CD=Cycle Day

Pregnancy is certainly a possibility but it is more likely that without clomid, your periods are going back to being irregular again (over 32 days).

Clomid can certainly lengthen the luteal phase a little (only by a couple of days) since more follicles are produced with clomid during the follicular stage (prior to ovulation), and after ovulation, more follicles become corpeus luteum which means higher level of progesterone and/or for a longer period of time.

Do a test. Good luck.

My dr confirmed ovulation so why is my period late?

My dr confirmed ovulation via ultrasound, a 21 day progesterone check and I had positive OPK’s on the same days dr says I ovulated. This is my 2nd Clomid cycle this time around, we were unsuccesful last month. Both of my other 2 kids were conceived using Clomid.

Ok anyways, I am now 19-20 days past ovulation with no period, no positive hpt (2 negatives, one this morning and one 2 days ago) and no symptoms of either. Could the Clomid cause my luteal phase to get longer? Last month my LP was 14 days and that is about normal for me. I really don’t think I’m pregnant so what else could be delaying my period when the dr is positive that I ovulated? He wants me to wait 3 days, test again and if negatie wait 5 more days before comig in and I’m just so frustrated…I just want af so we can start trying again!!!

Anyone experienced this on Clomid or have stories/insight they could share? Thanks so much!!

Sometimes HPT don’t detect pregnancy right away. I would do as the doctor suggests. I don’t know what else could be preventing your period.

Please what happened after clomid, am 3 days late?

My LMP was April 1 a but it didnt flow like my normal period and this happened till like 7th.Where as my normal period shld be like 4 days.
Becos i was having spotting, my doc told me to take my clomid btw cd 6-10.I also started Eviol vit E 3x a day on the cd2 for like 2 weeks.
I bd on the nite of 6th twice, i saw EWCM on the 9th ,13th and 15th.
I bd again on the 21st.I took ampliclox to treat an infection (boil) btw 12th and 16th
Unfortunately, my dh travelled and was not around since on the 7th and he finally cam e back on the 21st.So we culdnt bd when i expected to be have ovulated.
My cycle is 25 days and iwas expecting to see my AF on the 25th.
Am now 3 day late.Am only feeling funny as in since the 3 days every morning i always have menstrual cramp as if my period wants to show but instead what i will see is Ewcm which was was alot of and very stretchy on 25th and 2day.
Am begining to feel that my taste is bitter ,my boobs is tender but a little bit sore when pressed.As am writing am having whitish discharge whicis watery with some sticky one (sorry Tmi).Also headaches and some feeling like fever.
I dont want to test now cos am ttc and i dnt want to get any negative result.I want to believe that may be the drugs i took affected my cycle dreby causing the delay.I can be patience to see hw i feel till Monday be4 i take any test.
My Qs is could i be pregnant? When did i conceive?
If i didnt bd during my O, what culd be delaying my period?It has happened in the past and the highest length of delay is 4days and thats was when i took ill and was on medication so my cycle was delayed for 4 days but this has been corrected.
SInce clomid didnt work,hw will my period be?Could it be the clomid or antibiotics that is causing the delay?
Please sorry for my long story.
Thank you for ur patience

Clomid can delay your period. I was told to expect a 30-35 day cycle when I took Clomid. I did 5 back to back Clomid cycles and each was 33-35 days with ovulation around cd16-18.

It seems like you may have missed your fertile period entirely, so I’m not going to give you any false hope about a possible pregnancy. The sex on the 6th was too early but if you ovulated really late, perhaps the 21st sex caught it, but that would mean you would have had to O on cd21 or later.

Late period, no signs of pregnancy or period?

My last 2 cycles were 39 and 40 days long and now I am on day 52 with negative hpt’s and my progestrone test came out negative when I got it taken almost 3 weeks ago. What could be causing this? I’ve always had irregular cycles and my gyn prescribed me clomid but I can’t start taking it til I get a period. Any suggestions on what to do or how to make my period start? Thanks!

I had the excat same problem and actually suffered 2 miscarriages because of it. The entire problem was my thyroid. As my periods were further and further apart my thyroid wasn’t working properly. So I could get pregnant but not sustain a pregnancy. My ob figured it out. Get your thyroid tested. Doc’s say the number between 4-6 is good, but my thyroid specialist says no way. it needs to between 2-4. so if your number is high and your doc says it’s ok, check with a specialist. the thyroid is the grand central station of the body. it can help or hurt a lot

Pregnant, too early to tell? Someone help!?

I’m 18 DPO and 5 days late, I have tested 3 equate hpt and all were negative. I have a high bbt, sore nipples, headaches, frequent urination, some slight cramping, hot and cold flashes, unexplained weight gain, fatigue. I had a very unusual light period last month that only lasted 2 days with heavy bleeding at first for 5 hours. Im also on my 2 nd round of clomid and don’t know if this causes late periods? I go to a fertility specialist this coming Monday and will see if they can do a blood test as well. Also my boobs have increased in size! From a 36 to a 40?! PLEASE HELP ME!

Generally 18dpo with high bbt means you’re pregnant, but there are a couple of other possibilities.

1. You actually ovulated later than you think
2. The clomid made your LP longer

I hope you’re pregnant and just aren’t showing up on the test–I would push for a blood test Monday. God luck!

Can clomid cause a false positive test?

Last period was March 1, took clomid day 3-7. Usually 28 day cycle and now almost a week late with no sign of it coming.

Sore breasts, stomach cramps and 2 positive HPT. Can’t get to a doctor for blood test until Monday.

Has anyone experienced a false positive while on clomid?

clomid will definently not register on a hpt i am certain of that, only drugs containing hcg will cause a false positive, sounds like your going to be a mummy congratulations.

I definitely had my period but then started bleeding after taking Clomid????

I definitely had my period and took Clomid on cycle days 5-9….on day nine I had some slight bleeding again that stopped later the same day. My doctor had me come in to take a pregnancy blood test which I am waiting on the results… can I possibly be pregnant when I just had my period? It doesn’t make any sense…I want to be pg, but i’m confused….and if I’m not pregnant what could cause the bleeding, should I be worried?

I think they are just trying to cover their bases. I once had some unexplained bleeding after starting clomid, and the doctor I asked on, and my doctor both said it probably wasn’t anything to worry about. My own doctor suggested it might have something to do with starting clomid before my period had gone.

Periods late?

What are other things besides pregnancy that can cause a woman to miss a period? I have pcos and before my son was born I would go months without having one. When my son was born, my periods started getting normal, I mean extremly regular. My husband and I got on clomid with our son, and the doctor put me back on clomid, even though I have my periods, because I did so well with it before. The thing is my period is not coming so I can’t start taking the medicine until I have a period. We did not have sex around ovulation time, so I know I’m not pregnant. I’m trying to stay on the positive side and hope that it is not due to the pcos. So what could make a women late for her period?

Its probably stress

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