Can clomid cause twins

Can clomid cause twins

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Does clomid really work and after how long ? Does it really cause twins?

I have only taken it once. can it miss up your ovaulating days

there’s a chance of multiples. you can have your dr. do an ultrasound around the time you should be ovulating usually 11-14 days after your 1st day of your cycle. this way the dr can see how many mature follicles you have. i did 5 rounds of clomid with high doses on the last few and did not produce more than one mature follicle on the first round. but i have other issues. here’s a website that answers basic clomid questions and has links to more info. if i am remembering right when i read the insert that came with the pills (which i reccomend you do before taking any fertility med) it said that an average of 12% of women taking the drug because pregnant with twins. best of luck and baby dust to you!…

Fun info about Clomid or Soy Isoflavones! Can they cause twins? boys or girls? How long did u use them?

I am in month two of TTC and just took my second dose of soy isoflavones. (80 mg) If I don’t get pregnant this month my Dr. siad he will start me on clomid. I am just wondering a few things (more for fun than anything) do you think there is a higher chance of twins when using soy or clomid? Does it make the enviroment more suitable for male or female sperm? How many months on soy or clomid before you got pregnant? THANKS! 🙂

got my boy, girl twins after 3rd round of clomid.

PCOS, metformin and clomid and pregnancy?

I have heard that the combination of metformin and clomid can make you have a miscarriage?

I have had ovarian drilling done, its been 8 months and still not pregnant. been on metformin in this time and still not pregnant? wheni go to the gynae in july he is gonna test my husband and if that is fine he is most probably going to put me on clomid.

im scared to go on clomid cause ive heard of all the bad side effects and also that is can cause twins and i might have a miscarriage? negative against positive i dont know what to do.

Have y ou been on metformin and clomid and have you had success in getting pregnant?

please let me know all your stories negative and positive id love to learn more about this drug.

Clomid and met, I did them both; I did get pregnant on clomid but it thins the lining so bad and I miscarried. I got pregnant naturally. this is how…

Can Clomid the fertility drug cause you to have twins? I’m goign to start taking it next month.?

my doctor had told me that there was a 20% chance of having twins, but I have read up and think it’s less. I got pregnant with one child. good luck.

Can You Tell Me About Your Experiences With Clomid?

After consulting our doctor today, it sounds like we might be starting a round of Clomid at the end of the month (if nothing changes naturally between now and our next appointment).

Can you tell me about your experience with it? Have you had success with it? Were there any side effects? Is it more likely to cause twins or multiples?

I will ask all my questions at our next appointment, but I’m just curious how other people have done with it!

I’ve taken 3 rounds of clomid, and will likely take a 4th next cycle (50 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 100mg). For me it was successful in that it made me ovulate 🙂 Going to try IUI next cycle for better chances of conceiving. There’s a slight increase in risk of multiples, but usually it’s twins if that happens. It’s something like a 5% more of a chance than is naturally occuring.

I would say that my side effects have been pretty mild. I’ve been more tired and need more sleep. I’m a little more emotional (cry at hallmark commercials) and find everything touching, but I haven’t been crazy at all. My husband agrees. Physically, I’ve felt more going on in my pelvis than usual. I get increasingly uncomfortable as ovulation approaches, but I’m sure that’s nothing in comparison to what it feels like to grow a baby inside of you 🙂 I’m also bloated. But really, it’s not a big deal for me….as long as it’s working. I would be upset if I had all those side effects and it wasn’t working.

What are the dangers in having twins or more than one child at one preganacy?

I was told by my doctor that taking Clomid can cause you to have twins etc. But I would like to know from ppl’s experiences if having more than one child is bad and what are the cons and dangers that I would meet along and after pregnancy. Will there be lower chance of survival?

my aunt had twins and lost the boy before he was born. so he was still born. the dr told us it is because with twins its rare for both to survive especially if ones a boy and ones a girl. the reason being is its survival of the fittest so they are fighting for what they need. usually the boy will not make it in a boy girl case as boys are weaker than girls so the girl takes more from him being stronger. but not everyone loses a twin. its just very common to.

Several Questions About Clomid, can EVERYONE please answer this to the best of their ability? Thanks a bundle!?

I have been trying to conceive with my fiance of two years for almost 18 months now! I have unknown infertility problems. I just finished up my first time use of Clomid! I have not had any side effects from it and I am now ovulating. Today is cd 14 and I am ovulating…this is normal for me. I get my period every 28 days and most time ovulate on day 13 or 14, usually 14.

Is there anything that you can recommend for me to do while ovulating?

The doctor is thinking of increasing my dose of Clomid from 100mgs to 150mgs if this cycle is not sucessful…does the higher the dose produce more eggs?
Also I read somewhere that the higher the dose of Clomid you are on the higher your chances are for twins or multiples.
I was told that since I do not have a family or personal history of twins that my chance is around 10%…but will that 10% increase if my dosage of Clomid increases.
I don’t care if I have triplets (as long as all the babies and myself stay healthy), I just want to prepare myself for that chance. Also, I have two other children
to previous partners, ages three years old and seven years old.
My partner has two kids to previous partners and they are ages 12 and 8, we just can NOT seem to even get pregnant to one another.
I heard that prior births could cause twins to occur whie using Clomid. Is that true?
Sorry for the million questions, today is Sunday, so my doctor is NOT open or I would call. My doctor is NOT monitoring me except for me to come in on cd 22 for and altrosound to see if I am pregnant. Thanks for ANY answers you can give me.


My doctor told me that the chance of twins with Clomid is about 10%, no matter the dose. It does increase if you start adding in other treatments (trigger shots, IUI, etc). The chance of triplets is very low, and anything higher almost never happens on Clomid.

I don’t think I have ever heard that prior births could increase that risk, but if they did it would only apply to prior births for YOU, not your husband.

The only advice I have is to make sure you are using a sperm friendly lube if you are using one (Pre-Seed is the best I have heard). Also, have they checked your husbands sperm analysis? If you ovulating and not getting PG on Clomid, they need to check that even if he has older children. An infection, injury, or even overheating and reduce his count to infertile numbers.

Can clomid cause multiple births?

My husband and I have a nearly 3 year old little boy and are having trouble conceiving this time around. We have been ttc for just over 1 1/2 years now and after talking with my OBGYN yesterday I am considering clomid, but I am wondering if it raises the chances of a multiple birth pregnancy. We did want 3 children, but we wanted to have them spaced out a little. I am not going to say that I don’t want twins or more, but it is a lot of work especially when there is already 1 or more children in the family. But I am also not exactly saying that I am hoping for multiples either. My husband was joking, I hope, the other day saying that if the next pregnancy is twins or worse, more, we would have to start visiting him at the mental hospital. I have a friend, a single mother with identical twin boys so I know how hard it can be at times, but I do have a good family support system from both of our families. And I am not all that worried about the money either as we have always managed.

I was in your situation last year, after 1 1/2 years of trying for my 2nd my doctor gave me clomid, and told me there is a 20% chance of twins, it’s not really a high chance, I got pregnant after one round of clomid, so it really helped and with only one baby. good luck.

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