Can clomid cause early ovulation

Can clomid cause early ovulation

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Clomid & ovulation. Help please? Feeling confused.?

Asked earlier but didn’t get many responses. Any1’s help is greatly appreciated, just looking for some more answers though. Last month was my 1st cycle on clomid 50 mg & i took days 5-9 cause i had irregular cycles. Like 42 days & ovulating late. Well it helped me to ovulate earlier & i only had a 33 day cycle & ovulated days 17-18. Of course it didn’t work & i got my period, so i took clomid again this month, same way / time. Here i’m on day 18 & not ovulated yet. I use the clear blue easy fertility monitor to tell me my exact days(levels been high for the last wk.but no peak yet) & i was ovulating b4 just not regularly. I’m also charting & have been & my temps the last week have stayed in the 97 point 1,2,4,6,7 range. So my question is i thought when u were using clomid ur cycles are regular & u ovulate at the same time every month? Please feel free to correct me if i’m wrong. I hope the clomid is gonna help this month & i’m not going to start ovulating late again. I been looking forward to my day b4 vacation & we been doing the do every other day for the last week. If / can any1 give me feedback of how clomid worked with them or anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks & good luck 2every1 TTC as well. Hope this is the month we all want it 2b.

I am in a very similar situation. 3 months ago, I ovulated very late on cycle day 23 on 50 mg clomid… the next month I was put on 100mg and ovulated on 17th day and my 7dpo progesterone levels were 26.8 and my doc was very hopeful …but i got my periods. this month i am again on 100 mg and today is the 19th day and no peak ovulation. I am also using the clear blue digital fertility monitor … and for the last 7 days its showing high levels but still waiting for the peak. I don’t know how this post will help you but I wanted to share my experience so far with clomid. Good luck

Is it normal to have sore nipples after clomid?? CD23?

I had sore nipples a couple days after ovulation and as the days go by they get more and more sore. It’s not to the point where they are burning.. but it is rather uncomfortable..

Can clomid cause this so far into my cycle?? long after I finished taking the med?? I didn’t have any side effects while I was taking it… I’m just a bit confused.. it’s too far past ovulation but too early for it to be a pregnancy sign (i think?) and too early for it to be my period since it’s about a week away and I usually get sore nipples about 1 day before I stary my period..

Any info would be healful.

well i took clomid for 3 months and got kinda sore boobs but right when my af would come.
It was my last cycle i got sore boob about a week or a lil longer b4 af was due, but af didnt come I was pregnant. I had all the signs of af coming on cramps sore boob bloatin sleepy, but signs of af are also signs of pregnancy. Its a good sign i dont wanna get ur hopes up, But U might be pregnant.
I wish U the best of luck and tons of baby dust

Clomid…HPT’s….Ovulation…… usual….?

Hey Ladies. Here we go…..

I’m on cycle day 28. I took 50mg clomid days 3-7, and I take 1000mg metformin/day.

I didn’t use OPK’s or anything to predict ovulation, I just decided to BD every day or at least every other to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

I’m not positive that I ovulated, but on days 18, 19, 20 I had some severe cramping. I hear that ovulating a little later than the traditional day 14 is common for women on clomid so I really think that if I ovulated, it was around then.

I took an hpt yesterday (day 27) and it was negative, but if my theory about when I ovulated is correct, then that would only put me about 7 days dpo (too early to get a positive hpt, right?)

Also, when I was in the bathroom last night I saw the hpt I’d taken that morning in the garbage can. I looked really closely at it and there was a faint, faint, faint, faint positive line. I know that’s just an evap line, but I’ve done that before (looked at it hours later) and there’s never been ANYTHING showing at all.

LASTLY, (sorry if this is TMI) last night when I wiped, my CM was snot-like. Isn’t it usually only like that around ovulation? If I’m this late in my cycle, what could be causing that?

Thank you for reading my little story. I hope you can help me and shed some light.

*~*~*~*~*~BABY DUST~*~*~*~*~*~

i am in the same boat as you!! i hope both of us get what we want and have been waiting for BFP!!!!!!!!! baby dust to you and keep me updated if u find anything out

This was my first cycle on clomid (days 3-7, 50) last period began on July 8. It is too early to test on CD 15

I have been so sick to my stomach and my breast/nipples are extremely tender. It is too early to test right now but I am so anxious. I have heard that clomid can mimic many signs of early pregnancy. Does anyone know about this?

On my last ultrasound (day 13) my doctor said their were multiple eggs (2 excellent, 2 very good and 2 not so good) but he indicated that ovulation was imminent (due to fluid they saw?). Anyway, now I am wondering if I have caused myself to feel “pregnant”, or if maybe it is the clomid, or maybe I really am this time. Any ideas you guys have would be great! Thanks a lot! And, best wishes to all!

I hope that you are, I’m on my 3rd round of clomid and to be honest I don’t think it’s working for me. This month, I was suppose to take it , but my periods would be short perioids w/discharge everyday and then go off (it was enough to wear a pad). I thought that was weird, I haven’t got a sign yet.

But it seems, that with all your signs you are having, I’m sure your pregnant. Best of wishes and I would test anyways, because if you are having signs like this already, then it should detect that your are pregnant.

Delayed Ovulation after +OPK?

Is it possible to have a positive OPK and then not actually have O until much later? Can clomid cause this? I know I didnt start testing too early. I waited 6 days after last clomid.

Since OPKs measure your LH, which peaks something like 12-48 hours before ovulation, it is possible to not have ovulated til 2 days after the +OPK. Hope this helps! Good luck and lots of baby dust!

Clomid users-please help!?

This was my first cycle on Clomid. I escaped without TOO many of the horrible side effects that I read about.
I am currently on Cycle day 24 (8 days past ovulation) and have had the WORST swollen and tender breasts for the last 3 days. Of course I have taken an HPT for the last 3 days ( I realize I am testing way too early) and they have all been negative. I’m just wondering if the Clomid causes this problem even 15 days after I took my last pill?

Another thing I’ve been noticing is cramping, mainly on the left side, it doesn’t hurt, its more of a dull ache.

I know you can’t tell me if I’m pregnant, I just want to see if anyone else had these same symptoms while taking Clomid.

Thank you!

Those are typical symptoms of ovulating and of pregnancy.
I took Clomid many years ago, and I remember having those symptoms, too. Sometimes, Clomid causes your ovaries to develop cysts, so the next time you see your doctor, you might want to mention that and ask them to check for cysts.

Good luck !!!

I have 4 children, used Clomid 3 times, and the third time it was twins who are now 23 years old.

Can you have early pregnancy symptoms just 5 days after ovulation or is it a period?

Hey everyone! I am on Clomid ttc and was just wondering if anyone has experienced what I am and what it means. I ovulated just a couple days ago, had sex on schedule and for the past couple days I have been having dull cramping in my abdomen and I am extremely exhausted, and a little nauseated. I’m wondering if I am causing the nausea being excited. I am also constipated (sorry LOL), but the dull cramping won’t stop….first its on one side, then my whole lower abdomen, and my lower back is tender, too. I just feel like crap basically LOL…my period isn’t due until the end of the month, do you think it’s a period or pregnancy? Any kind advice would be appreciated! Thanks guys! 🙂 Here’s hoping!! 🙂

I’m having the same prob’s. Read this:…

It has things to look for, others stories, and it helps pass the time!

Implantation Bleeding!?

I think I might of had implantation bleeding and I know it’s not for sure until I get my BFP but any ways about an hour ago when I went to the rest room and wipe there was a brownish discharge and I just went a second time and it was a pinkish discharge I’m not due for my period until 7 more days and usually one or two days before my period is when I get the bloody discharge and it’s bright red it’s too early for it to be my period and it can’t be ovulation cause I ovulated on the 15 and from what I read on the internet that implantation bleeding occurs around a week before or a couple of days before your next period and it could be a brownish or a pinkish discharge(Sorry TMI)! Do you think this might of been implantation,I hope it was and if it was would I get a BFP on the 27 or will it be to early cause thats when I see my ob/gyn for a check up to see if the clomid help me to conceive! I know I ovulated on the 15 cause I had aches in my ovaries alot that day.

That sounds a lot like implantation bleeding to me! When you see your obgyn on the 27th, you will be 12dpo, and by then, a blood test should give you a correct anwser! I wish you the best!

Here’s some info regarding:- Using Robitussin/Guaifenesin to Improve Cervical Mucus?

At first most people wonder what on earth a cough syrup has to do with fertility, but the logic is easily found in the fact that it is an expectorant and is being used to loosen and thin mucus – just in a different place than the lungs!

What kind of Robitussin is used to improve cervical mucus?

One should buy the plain kind with no letters after it. The only active ingredient is guaifenesin, and it contains 100 mg per teaspoon. It is very important to avoid the versions that contain decongestants as those may dry up cervical mucus. Also, there is some conflicting information about whether dextromethorphan, the DM in some cough medicine names, may be linked to birth defects such as neural tube defects and cleft palate.

Do I need to use the brand Robitussin?

No. Robitussin is the most common brand name, at least in the U.S., that carries a guaifenesin-only expectorant, but there are other brands and generics available. As long as the only active ingredient is guaifenesin, you can use any variety you find. For those with diabetes or otherwise concerned about sugar intake, there is the brand Diabetic Tussin available.

What is the recommended dose of guaifenesin?

The recommended dose for improving cervical mucus, based on a 1982 article in Fertility and Sterility, is two teaspoons (200 mg) taken orally three times per day. If mucus still appears thick and doesn’t have good spinnbarkeit (ability to stretch), one can take as much as four teaspoons (400 mg) four times per day (the maximum dose on this over the counter medication). Each dose should be taken with a full glass of water, and attention should be given to drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day — one needs water to produce mucus.

What cycle days should one take guaifenesin?

Just as the dose can vary a bit, so can the days. The article linked above had patients starting the guaifenesin on cycle day 5 – five days after the start of menses. This seems rather early as mucus is not an issue until about five days before ovulation – based on the fact that sperm can only live five days at best, and most pregnancies are the result of intercourse in the five days leading up to ovulation. Because of this information, it is now more common for doctors to suggest starting guaifenesin about five days before expected ovulation and continuing through ovulation day (six days total, for those with regular cycles). For those with irregular cycles, one should start taking guaifenesin about five days before the earliest day ovulation might be expected. For those taking Clomid (clomiphene citrate, Serophene) in a 5-day protocol, one can probably wait until the day after the last Clomid pill before starting the expectorant.

Is guaifenesin available in pill form?

Yes, but in most cases a prescription is needed. In the U.S., one can get a 600 mg time released caplet as the generic Guaifenesin CR, or brands Humibid LA, and Fenesin. This is often less expensive than the liquid. Another brand that is available OTC is Mucinex, though it probably is not a cost savings.

How does one diagnose cervical factor/hostile mucus?

Many women try taking guaifenesin after noting little or no egg white (stretchy) cervical mucus while charting their fertility signals, but clinically it is diagnosed when a doctor checks mucus one or two days before ovulation in what is usually referred to as a post-coital test. The doctor does a vaginal exam and takes a sample of mucus to immediately analyze under a microscope to check for live sperm and for a ferning pattern. It is also checked for signs of infection. Quality mucus will be stretchy, fern, lack cellularity, and have live sperm swimming in it.

Why do so many women take guaifenesin while on Clomid?

Clomid (clomiphene citrate, Serophene) can cause hostile mucus in 30 percent or more of women using it. Higher doses tend to be more associated with less cervical fluid and a thinner uterine lining, than the 50 mg dose.

Will guaifenesin help if there is little or no mucus present?

Guaifenesin doesn’t actually create mucus, it only thins what is already there. One would need to look into why there is no mucus (infection, not really ovulating), or bypass the mucus issue by doing intrauterine insemination.

Does one need to take guaifenesin when doing intrauterine insemination (IUI)?

It would only make sense to take guaifenesin if one is planning to have intercourse in addition to doing IUI. Those doing donor insemination, for example, wouldn’t benefit.

Will taking guaifenesin cause any problems if it isn’t needed?

Probably not. Since fertile mucus can be watery, there is probably no harm in taking guaifenesin and thinning it out.

What are some other possible ways to improve cervical mucus?

Drinking plenty of water should always be considered in addition to any other therapies one might try. Estrogen is sometimes given to help mucus production, though doctors have mixed opinions of its benefit, especially when used with Clomid (and some suggest using Tamoxifen instead of Clomid). Injectable gonadotropins used for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation often have a positive effect on cervical mucus as well. Some home/natural remedies include eating salty foods such as popcorn (mucus is very salty), taking evening primrose oil, avoiding dairy products (they can thicken mucus), eating lots of baby carrots, and also avoiding antihistamines, including high doses of vitamin C. Another suggestion that is increasing in popularity is to drink grapefruit juice in order to improve or increase the amount of cervical mucus. If one is on prescription medications, it is a good idea to look for warning about grapefruit juice consumption (it isn’t recommended with several medications for hypertension, for example).

Can lubricants be used in place of CM?

Lubricants aid in intercourse, but not in sperm travel through the cervix. Most over the counter lubricants are not “sperm friendly” — meaning that using them is likely to kill off some sperm. In most cases, one needs to weigh the benefits against the risks . . . it may well be worth losing a few sperm to make it possible to complete intercourse. That said, there are some friendlier options out there. One is FemGlide, a lubricant you can get from your doctor. You can buy the same product marketed as Slippery Stuff (apparently more available at stores that sell sexual aids than at pharmacies and such). There is also a more recently introduced product called Pre-Seed from Bio-Origyn. Another option discussed on many fertility boards is using raw egg whites at room temperature. There may be some risk of salmonella exposure with egg whites, so some suggest using pasteurized egg whites available in the grocery store. With any lubricant, it is generally best to use as little as possible.

Does guaifenesin do anything for male factor infertility?

It is possible that men with thick semen may benefit from guaifenesin in the same manner it helps with cervical mucus in women. The suggested doses on the newsgroups and fertility boards range from two teaspoons twice per day to four teaspoons four times per day.

That is wonderful that you can copy and paste. Now, what exactly is your question?

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