Can clomid affect a pregnancy test

Can clomid affect a pregnancy test

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Clomid and pregnancy tests?

does clomid affect when you can take a test? OR will it give you a false positive.

I am on my irst round of clomid 50mg and was told that you most likely ovulate 5 to 10 days after last pill, that it does not affect hpt but it can give false OPk if used to early after last pill it can give you a flase positive OPK not HPt

Can medicine affect a pregnancy test?

i’m on clomid and metformin and i’m 7 days past af was supposed to start my doc. says to take a test in the morning and to call with the results on monday… However i have had 2 neg tests and i don’t want to see another neg… why won’t they just do a blood test or an exam wouldn’t that be easier… i have been sick and tired and hungry, some twinges in my abomen and zits everywhere (tmi sorry) what do you ladies thing?

I really want a baby and i really feel i am but can i get a false negative because of meds?

Clomid produces long cycles. It is possible that you are pregnant and hcg isn’t detected yet because it is too early. On clomid I did not ovulate till day 26, and my usual day was 18.

Neither clomid or metformin will affect a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy test says positive..but… (experienced mothers please help)?

My hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant. I just finished a course of clomid. I did a test thismorning and even thought the second line (pregnancy line) on the test was quite light, the test clearly states that it doesn’t matter if the T line is faded, if it is there at all it is definately a positive result.
My question is, has anyone ever had a positive result only to find it was wrong?
also- why does it seem I have no symptoms of pregnancy except for slightly bigger tummy and the test? Do the other things like cravings and sore breasts and morning sickness come later?
I will be getting a blood test to be sure as soon as I can. Any advice is great, thanks.
PS- can the fertility drugs affect the test?

Congratulations I’d say you are pregnant! I have had light positives and they have never been wrong. False positives do happen but they are pretty rare. As for the clomid I found this info from the webiste…

“Factors which should not affect the test result include alcohol, analgesics (pain killers), antibiotics, birth control pills or hormone therapies containing clomiphene citrate (Clomid or Serophen).”

As for symptoms every woman and every pregnancy is different. Some of my pregnancies I had no morning sickness, others I had all day sickness and others just “regular” morning sickness. I never had sore breasts with any of my pregnancies but the last one. Cravings usually come later also 🙂

Good luck and again Congrats!

Will the pregnancy test result affected by previous HCG Shot ?

I have my period on 3rd of December, clomid 50mg on day 5-9, on my day 13(15th December), i have a HCG shot and IUI. Today is 28th December, 26 days of my period circle. I had a serious cramping last nigh n not feeling well today, so I went to doctor and they check urine pregnancy test and it show positive. Doctor get my blood so they can double confirm weather i am pregnant or not… so is that mean I am pregnant or they just get the positive result because of the HCG shot i get??

I would think that the hCG is out of your system from the shot by now. I have heard that is out normally by 8 days afterwards, which you are past now. Did you get the blood results back? Do you know if they did quantitative bloodwork? If so, then it should give you a number that will tell you, if pregnant, about how far along you are.

I wish you the best of luck!! And lots of baby dust and sticky bean vibes!!!!

Can Clomid 50mg course a late period as a side affect?

My period range from a 27-30 day cyle, I was suppose to get my period between the days of April 25-28, And today is May 4th, Do you think this is one of the clomid side effects? I am waiting for a while before I take a pregnancy test, I think its to early to take one. I was on a regular cycle for 5 months now so am hoping its not and irregular period, am having my fingers cross, both of my breast are real tender, am having light cramps but no period, the cramps comes and go, disorder lower stomach, I had headaches last week. But am mostly asking you do clomid course your period be late or do you think those signs that am having are signs of pregnancy?

It’s and interesting question. Actually someone else had a similar question.

I took Clomid too and did not experience a difference in the length of my cycles – HOWEVER, I tend to have LONG cycles. If you were experiencing fairly regular cycles I say… go get a home pregnancy test. You’re late now by about a week so its a good time to get tested by doing a home test. Your symptoms can be true of a positive pregnancy, or it could be PMS or it could be your body making physiological symptoms as a result of you wanting to become pregnant. I really hope it’s because you’re pregnant. Best of luck to you!!

Can Clomid lengthen my luteal phase?

I begin my first cycle of clomid on days 3-7 (13Jun-17Jun). I ovulated on 25Jun. So far my luteal phase is 18 days. I have not taken a pregnancy test yet. Before I went on clomid, my luteal phase was 16 days. Could clomid affect my luteal phase to lengthen it from normal? If I don’t get my period by 14Jul, I will get a blood test. My husband and I have been trying for a while and I don’t want to get my hopes up if clomid could be causing a delay in my period.

Clomid is mostly prescribed to those that have a shorter luteal phase was my understanding hmm… if could be the clomid or you could have done it this month! Please let me know about the blood test.

I have an extremely long luteal phase and the doc says that should not effect being able to conceive. It’s when it’s less like 9 days as it takes at least 10 to be conducive to host a baby. Clomid would not be right for me. I guess I’m surprised they put you on that when you have a normal luteal phase. Well I’m not doctor but IF you are not pregnant I would deffinitley do some research and have a talk with your doc.

The other possibility is that you ovulated later? Was the 25th later than usual? If that is the case then yeah it would be normal for your period to be delayed or to take longer to get a positive as your luteal phase is usually the same length of time each month.

I pray that you have done it this month or will soon!

Best of luck and blessings 🙂

Very irregular, 1st month on clomid, tried an early test on cd28- positive retested cd30 got negative result?

I’m ttc. I took my first round of clomid last month. And i really have no idea how long my cycle is suppossed to be. I have PCOS and without taking anything only have a period 1-2 times a year. I got E.P.T. Certainty and tested on CD 28 i got a positive result, retested two days later and got a negative. Could it have been a false positive or could the time of day i took the second one have affected the results. I didn’t have a full bladder when i took it the second one. I figured I will try again tommorow with my first urine of day. If not i have a perscription for another round of provera to induce my period and clomid. But i was reading about chemical pregnancy. Could this be it? Will I eventually have a period on my own if this were the case. I have not bled or spotted at all as of yet. How long before I start? If im not pregnant thats ok i wasn’t expecting it to work the first time but was very happy when i got the positive. but very anxious to try again but not sure whether to induce a period or wait a few weeks to see if this positive ment anything. Any help would be great!!! Thanks .. Oh yeah I have a 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son who was conceived with clomid so I do know that i can have children.

I think your plan of taking a test tomorrow morning with 1st morning urine is the best. My guess would be that the 2nd test had diluted hCG in it. Hopefully you get your BFP tomorrow!!!

The three options are:
1. Your preggo =)
2. A false positive on the 1st test =(
3. Chemical Pregnancy and both tests were right =(

I would definitely wait until 31 days (10 days for ovulation to happen, a 14 day luteal phase and 7 days late for AF) after your last dose of Clomid to consider taking the Provera. Even then I might get a blood test just to make sure. The waiting is the hardest part, after 21 months of TTC#1 I know the feeling of “give me my BFP or let me get on to the next cycle”. But you don’t want to move on too quickly if you are actually preggo!

Good luck!!!

Clomid and spotting question?

My last period started March 1st. I took my first round of Clomid days 3-7. I was using ovulation tests for about two weeks and never detected a surge. I asked the nurse at my doctors office about this and she said that because I was testing only once a day, I may have missed the surge if it was short. I do ovulate on my own, but I have irregular periods which my doctor thinks can be causing cycles where I do not actually ovulate and just bleed. After we had sex on cycle day 27(two days ago) I had brown spotting, but it has not been followed by a regular flow. I never usually spot after intercourse, except for when I was pregnant with my son. I was wondering if maybe the Clomid made me spot after sex?
I was also wondering if Clomid could have had a reverse affect on me, and maybe it actually stopped my ovulation? The nurse assured me that this probably was not the case, and it would just promote a stronger egg.
Also since I do not know when I ovulated, when would a pregnancy test be accurate? Thanks Ladies!

I take Clomid days 3-7. I am supposed to ovulate between CD13 and CD17. I used OPKs and charted my BBT. First round, I ovulated on CD15. I did not get a positive OPK that cycle, though two of those tests were darker around that date so I figured I must have missed my surge. I started my period 13 days later (I did not get my period when I wasn’t ovulating). Temperature rise confirmed that I ovulated and the period starting on its own also indictes that.

Second round on Clomid, I ovulated around CD18. I did get a positive OPK (it was so dark, I had to make sure I was holding the test the right way! it truly looked like the control and test line had been swapped, lol!). I got my period 12 days later on that cycle. I tested with OPKs 2x a day on that cycle and one test had a darker test line than the control, and the other test had two lines the same darkness.

Most doctors will confirm ovulation on Clomid with a blood test on day 21 of your cycle (or 7days past ovulation). Mine felt comfortable enough relying on my BBT and OPKs.
Its not likely that it had a reverse effect, but I am wondering if you only have 1 working ovary and that Clomid couldn’t gear your other ovary up for this cycle? Clomid doesn’t make all women ovulate at the lowest dose. I’m not an expert, but thats what comes to mind. This is all assuming you didn’t ovulate though, if you did, then don’t worry about it.

The spotting after sex could just be from an orgasm shaking some blood loose. Its possible its happened before but you didn’t notice because you weren’t paying such close attention. Its also possible that was implantation bleeding and you could get a positive test tomorrow morning! Got my fingers crossed that you’ll get your BFP!

Can Clomid make the luteal phase long?

I took clomid to ovulate and now I am 15dpo and no sign of AF. I took a hpt this morning with fmu and it was negative and really upset me. My temperatures are still high which made me think I was pregnant. I usually have AFsymptoms by now and I don’t so I was surprised the test was negative, so I was wondering if Clomid can affect the luteal phase. I don’t have pregnancy symptoms either except for a little tenderness in my breasts but that could alsos be pms. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

It can make periods longer! It may not have helped you ovulate. Did you get an ultrasound mid cycle to see if you ovulated? If you did, then your only 15 dpo. I didn’t get a positive until 18 dpo when I took clomid! Good luck though. It can also cause the breast tenderness. Call your Dr. for a blood test!

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