Buy vicodin in mexico

Buy vicodin in mexico

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What is almost like vicodin or percocet that I can buy in Nogales, Mexico pharmacy?

Can’t get scripts here in U.S. for painkiller in U.S. But I know the same ‘quality’ of pill doesn’t exist in Mexico for vicodin and percocet but anyone know if there is something along this line such as maybe soma? or ? please let me know. thanks guys.

A number of drugs often abused in the US were once sold over-the-counter in Mexico. Under pressure from the US, however, Mexico changed its policy. It is not now possible to get any of the scheduled or often-abused drugs — opiates, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants, etc. — in Mexico without a prescription.

Can you buy vicodin and demerol over the counter in Mexico?

And if so- are you aloud to bring a small amount into the US

there are certain drugs that are still controlled in mexico and for things like vicodin and demerol, you will need a prescription. the point of buying things in mexico is not because you can get it without a prescription- it is because everything is much cheaper.

however it is very easy to obtain these prescriptions in Mexico. it is not illegal and you can carry whatever you need to back to the States with you as long as you have the prescriptions with you to show the border guard. also many of these drugs (certain muscle relaxers, pain pills, etc) are not prescription or controlled in Mexico and you will not have a prescription to take back with youa cross the border. however that is still no problem- many people go to the border to buy pills and medicines that would cost double or triple in the States. the border guards t know which ones are allowed and if they take a certain one from you, tell them you didnt know and everything is fine. i have never heard of anyone having them taken form them however. they have bigger drug issues to worry about than someone bringing mexican vicodin in. ๐Ÿ™‚

there are pharmacies and doctors on all the border towns where you can get the prescriptions and medicines you want. because some drugs do require a prescription, most border town pharmacies have small doctors offices or clinics attached. you can see the doctor (usually for around $10) explain your problem, tell him what you need/want, and he’ll write it out. then have it filled there or at another pharmacy. it may seem a bit shady but i assure you it is very legal! the only reason American frowns on it a bit is because it is stealing a lot of business away from RX companies there. just make sure it is a valid prescription from a LICENSED doctor.

only be careful about certain drugs that have to be exact- most of my meds i get in mexico, but because my thryoid problems are so sensitive i still get my thyroid meds in america. with ones that are very sensitive (such as any type of hormone or hormone replacement) i would still recommend buying them in the States. however, mexican meds are much more reliable even than they were 10 years ago. if you go see a doctor there, i would recommend getting your prescription filled at a reputable pharmacy. although it may be a bit higher than the tiny stores, you will get exactly what you want at the chain pharmacies. some of the big respected pharmacies all over mexico are Benevides, Guadalajara, and Farmacias del Ahorro. I regularly buy at all 3 of these- including my anti-depressant and prescription sleeping pill. It costs a fraction of the cost here since my American insurance will not cover it in the States. A small. good, cheap chain is Farmacia Similares (a generic store) This is one that usually has a clinic connected but it more trustworhty than some of the no-name street pharmacies.

The only thing that would raise suspicion is if you bring a load of meds back! ๐Ÿ™‚ then they might think you are trying to sell it. Just keep it reasonable and buy what you need. With that, you will have no problem!

Also keep in mind, a lot of meds that aren’t even controlled in the States will still be a LOT cheaper in Mexico. I get all of my sinus/allergy meds here in Mexico. You can also get some meds that are no longer avialble in America like Celebrex (i think thats the one) You can also stock up on antibiotics which are non-prescription. It sure beats having to go to the doctor and pay a co-pay every time you’re sick!

One more thing, don’t worry if you ask for something and they give you something with a totally different name. Many of the drugs will be named the same as in the States but the majority are not. A lot are mainly listed by their main ingredient. Before you go to Mexico and buy anything, I recommend making a list of the medicines you want to find and making a note of their main ingredients. You can also search for specific drugs on the internet to get their specific name as they are sold in Mexico. Just so you avoid any mix-ups! ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. Charlie is right about somethings but as long as you have a valid prescription from a licensed doctor, there is no problem. Trust me- they dont really do sting operations on pharmacies anyways. And even if they did, you wouldn’t be in trouble because you weren’t buying anything illegal. And all doctors (reputable or not) do prescriptions this way in Mexico. THey are allowed to write prescriptions for American tourists. One time I injured my back- I went to the most respected, most expensive, largest hospital in the city. And the doctor barely examined me before writing out my prescription for a very strong muscle relaxer and pain pill. They are just not as strict as America. That is the way it is and is perfectly legal. Don’t worry! If you notice on the article Charlie posted, there are some warnings about buying drugs in Mexico. But most of the problems mentioned are due to Mexicans, not crossing back into America. Most of the cases mentioned in those warnings take place in cities like Laredo, Tijuana, etc. A smaller border town that depends on local tourists crossing on foot (like Progresso, near McAllen, texas) will be much safer and quieter. I woudl stay away form the high traffic border towns at the moment because of the civil unrest but places like Progresso are great places to visit, shop around and tour for the day.

What country can you buy vicodin over the counter?

I Herd in some country’s you can buy vicodin without a prescription is that true? if so What country can you buy vicodin over the counter? Mexico, Amsterdam, Canada???

you can buy anything over the counter in mexico without a prescription, and if you can’t find it over the counter, some kid will sell it to you on a street corner, all you need to do is ask. Seriously… you can buy any drug you want in mexico. Can’t find it in a pharmacy? Ask a cab driver to take you where you can buy it. He knows where to take you.

What is vicodin called in mexico?

i’m planning another trip to mexico and i want to buy some vicodin otc for my migranes. does vicodin have a different name in mexico? because when my cousin bought xanax last time, it was called “tafil” in mexico.

also, please keep your “drug abuse” opinions to yourself. those answers will not affect my choices.

thank you.

vicodin its the same thing

Buying medications in mexico can you and is it safe?

how bottles of drugs can you bring back into the states from mexico? like percocet or vicodin. if you allready have the bottles with the Rx on them can they fill it legaly?

Filled most prescriptions in T.J. when I lived in San Diego. I had no problems, but did have a prescription and no problems at the border. Unfortunately that was about 8 years ago and things change. As far as safety is concerned. Absolutely! I have never heard of any mass illness or deaths from Mexican or Canadian prescript. meds. All that “danger” gibberish comes from foks like the FDA trying to protect overly expensive American drugs and their manufacturers. It is not just the US who are in the 21st century, so is Mexico!

Can you buy adderall over the counter in Chile without a prescription?

I know in mexico you can buy prescription drugs over the counter. VERY EASILY. like vicodin and xanex.

In chile are the laws similar? or do you need a prescription to buy adderoll, and other meds.?

It depends of each drug. If you are looking for aspirins, you can just order them over the counter.

It’s different for psychotropics drugs (like Adderall, Vicodine, Ritalin). You need to deliver the prescription to the drug store, which is known as “Receta Retenida” (retained prescription), in order to be able to buy that drug. This medicines are clearly marked with a green star on the box.
A similar protocol is applied to antibiotics, they aren’t sold without prescription.

Can i get vicodin in mexico?

We live close to the border, so we want to drive across and go buy some.

You’ll definitely need it if you drive across the border.

What would happen if America let vicodin be sold over the counter? I noticed it was sold in Mexico?

in a small shop. I only (allegedly) bought ultram for my back. I’ve also heard valium is over the counter in Mexico, but I didn’t see it in the shops. I did see viagra, but I didn’t need any.

Well probably we would have a lot of people getting high off of vicodin for fun. Or using it to lace into more illegal drugs. Vicodin and valium are powerful drugs that can really mess people up so I think its best it remains off the shelves.

I noticed valium and vicodin are over the counter in Mexico, should they be over the counter in America?

What would this do for reducing the prisons? What would this do for people in pain, or with anxiety, but can’t afford to see a doctor? I once bought valium without a copay before I had medicaid, at Walmart it cost me $13 for 120 valium 10 mg. pills. I think a lot of people could afford that price each month. Valium is an old drug, and it is sold over the counter in most countries. So what gives? I know the down side of abusing valium, taking to many makes you forget everything, and drinking on it makes you act nuts. But if someone wants to take it like normal what is the big deal?

Adult answers only please. there would be stupid people who would abuse these medications, but at least they would be legal. Alcohol is legal, and it is a hardcore drug that really can be abused. But many people also can drink a 6-pack a night and it’s no big deal.

Adult answers please? Also, what would be the problem with making cannabis legal? I don’t like it because it makes me paranoid, but I don’t believe in “reefer madness”.

I’m think that since most of the 2 million people behind bars are in because of drug prohibition you clearly can’t change people. I’ve been to rehab, and all it did was feel like a punishment.

I am not for meth or cocaine being legal, but not against it either. If people want to hurt themselves with drugs it should be a personal matter. If they cannot control themselves on drugs, and hurt others, that is when they should be punished. And you will have that with people buying illegal drugs anyway.

But I want your views. Consider me a liberal, I don’t care. Your views on this please?

Our laws are made by wall street & drug companies. tell me why weed (MJ) which has good things medically speaking is illegal & tabacco is legal (which causes any number of health problems) is legal.

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