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(amoxicillin capsules is this better or cephalexin. I am having strong pain on my tooth and in the roots. I have taken mortin 600mg and it didn’t help.

If you have an abscess, an antibiotic is the way to go… if you have these meds in your house, that means you never took the prescribed dosage… so you don’t have enough to take care of the problem.

Get a dental appointment and have an xray taken… then you’ll get a prescription for fresh meds and take them until they’re gone… like you’re supposed to.

DOCTORS ONLY: How long does it take for amoxil to leave your body after taking it for a week? 500 mg 3x day?

I took 500 mg 3x a day, I’m allergic to Ceclor but have taken amoxil before safely, and its been 4 days since I’ve been off the amoxil. Since then, I have flu-like symptoms intermittently, muscle weakness/soreness, and intermittent bad taste in my mouth.

takes 48 hours….you probably have a virus rather than a bacterial problem, and the amoxil would have done nothing about a virus.

How often and how many days should I take Amoxil tablets for an ear infection?

I have no health insurance and order medicine through a website. I know I have an ear infection and in the past when I have had insurance the doctor prescribed me Amoxil (Amoxilicillin). The pills are 500mg. I weight 148lbs. and I’m 5-2. How often and how many days would I need to take these pills for?


Some ear infections will resolve on their own. If you feel like it’s really not getting better, or is actually getting worse, amoxicillin is a commonly prescribed treatment. Usually the 500 mg pills are taken 2-3 times a day for 10 days, depending on severity.

Is it normal for Amoxil to take several days to work?

I have been taking the antibiotic for 5 days now for a middle ear infection and although the pain has significantly decreased, it’s still there to a small degree. I only have 2 more days to take it. Should I contact my Dr. or finish the Amoxil 1st and see if my symptoms completely clear up by then?

seeing that it is Friday, you will have to make a decision soon. If you feel that the infection is still present, then you might want to make an appt. for Monday. You have meds through then, so you should be ok. I usually get follow ups on things like this in the afternoon so if things are ok by then, cancellation is possible without inconveniencing anyone, and the spot can be filled by someone who needs the appt.

Can amoxil that has been given in a four day period when is was for seven days cause a convulsion?

Can this also be a sign of a reactions to amoxil as the child had bed disentry and vomiting the day befire her seizure…. she had one at home and then one in the hospital

Convulsions in children can be caused by an extremely high body temperature, with dehydration not helping. The hospital will hopefully do tests to see if your child has had an allergic reaction to amoxil and be putting her on a drip to replace lost body fluids, plus antibiotics for bacterial infection and something to bring temp. down if she/he has one..

How long does it typically take for a middle ear infection to clear up once I start using Amoxil?

I started taking the antibiotic on 9.3.07 and my symptoms are *almost* completely gone but I take my last dosage tomorrow and was wondering if the symptoms should be COMPLETELY gone by now. I would think after almost a week of antibiotics I would not have ANY symptoms left.

First thing I would say is – always finish a course of antibiotics. No matter how good (or bad) you feel.The reason you still have some symtoms is because the bacterial infection in your ear caused tissue damage. Thats where the symtoms come from in the first place. You may well havealready killed off the bacteria in your ear but your body is still repairing the tissue damage. Hence, you still have a little pain. Trust your doc, a week of broad spectrum antibiotics such a amoxil should be enough to sort the problem. If in a week you are still having trouble or if the pain gets worse then go back to the doctor.

How long can amoxil be left out of the refrigerator before it turns bad?

I would say NO more than an 30 minutes to an hour!

The community pharmacy receives a prescription for amoxil 300mg q 6hrs x 10 days. The amoxil is to be reconsti

tuted to a strength of 200 mg/5ml. how many mls of medication will need to be dispensed to fill this prescription?

The rest of the question is above.

A dose of 300mg would require 7.5ml of the 200mg/5ml solution.

7.5ml x 4 x 10 = 300ml

Are amoxil and amoxicillan the same drug?

Doc wrote amoxil. Pharmacist gave amoxicillan. Didn’t know what he was doing, even asked me what the script was for because he didn’t know how to fill it. Are they the same drug? Brand name maybe?

Yes amoxil is just a brand name of amoxicillin

Amoxicillin amoxil urinary tract infection help with dosage?

I have a urinary tract infection and was given amoxicillin its 500 mg i thought that was pretty high of a dosage I could of sworn last time I was given around 250 or something? I cant remember though it’s been a while. Does this seem high? I am going to call the doc Monday but have to wait a day

This is one of the usual dosages for Amoxil. There are also 125mg and 250mg doses. It is possible that the doctor felt you had a worse infection and needed a higher dose this time.