Alesse birth control pill side effects

Alesse birth control pill side effects

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Birth control pill? side effects? you?

hi…i was wondering if anybody could tell me about the appearance side effects. Im already aware of all the health issues but i want to know how will it change my appearance. Im going on the pill Alesse. Do MY BREASTS GET BIGGER? HOW MUCH BIGGER? HOW LONG? will i get ACNE? Will i GAIN LOTS OF WEIGHT? please answer!! i really need and want to know how everyone reacted to this pill or similar ones.

Yes, your breasts may get bigger because of the estrogen in the pill. This may also cause some swelling as far as in relation to tenderness too. To deal with this issue I ended up having to get a bigger bra to help me deal with it.

As for acne, it’s possible but many do not because the pill is often used to try and help control acne.

In relation to the weight gain yes, you might but that is mostly water which is a result of the hormones in the pill. The average weight gain is about 5-10 lbs.

I have had some issues with weight gain to start off with until I settled in to it, but the one that stayed with me was the tenderness and I still feel some pain when I get examined there but the larger bra helped me to not feel pain and tenderness every day while being on the pill. As for how much bigger mine got I only went up one bra size and that helped a lot.

Pregnancy or birth control pill side effects?

I just switched to a new birth control pill this month (i was on ortho-tri-cyclen lo and now i’m on alesse) and now I’m having all these weird symptoms that I didn’t have when i started ortho-tri-cyclen lo…some of which my sister had when she first found out she was pregnant so I’m pretty freaked out. I started alesse right after I finished my last pack of ortho, and I’ve had sex several times a week but never without a condom. I know condoms aren’t 100 % effective so I worry that maybe before the new pill kicked in I got pregnant somehow. I had my first yeast infection a few weeks ago, I’ve been nauseous in the mornings, i think i’ve gained weight, and i keep having to pee really often (sounds weird, but my sister said it happened to her). my last period, which i just finished this week was lighter than usual. So are these just side effects of the new pill, or could I be pregnant?

The only way to be 100% sure is to have a pregnancy test. However, I’m sure they are just symptoms from changing your birth control.

You have been on the pill AND used a condom – girl, I don’t think you have a chance in hell of being pregnant. lol

The weight gain, lighter period, and nauseousness can be from the pill. Peeing all the time? Maybe you have a urinary tract infection. I’ve had two kids and you normally are only peeing more when the baby is bigger and starts putting pressure on your bladder.

Take a pregnancy test just to ease your mind.

Which birth control pill has least side effects and weight gain?

I was on Yasmin for two months and immediately gained 5-7 pounds – no change in diet/exercise. I was also moody and edgy all the time. I had 0 sex drive and felt like a big fat blob most of the time. I know the doc said to give it 3 months, but I felt like I was going to go crazy after only 2!

I’ve been researching BCPs and so far I’m thinking about Alesse or Mircette. Has anyone had experience with these? Also, which BCP do you think has the least side effects – ESPECIALLY weight gain?

It’s a bit difficult to tell someone what pill will give one the least amt of side effects or weight gain, b/c everyone is different. I might have quite a few side effects on one but someone else won’t.

I tried Mircette and Alesse a while ago, couldn’t continue with them b/c they made my mood swings very bad. This was way before I even had PMDD or even just bad PMS.
With the PMDD, I began taking Yaz, which has literally saved my life. I was suicidal without it.

So, keep in mind, someone might give you an answer here, but just b/c they are having a positive experience with a specific bcp doesn’t mean that you yourself will find it a positive experience.

Best birth control WITHOUT side effects?

I know all birth control pills may have side effects but I have tried Alesse and Yasmin. Yasmin was horrible and I had to get off of it before a month. I was so moody, had headaches, got acne, sore breasts and low libido. Alesse was okay but I gained weight and after being on it for a year, I started to get headaches. My doctor recommended orto-tricyclin but I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and what birth control has worked for you?

Remember that everyones body responds differently to birth control pills. I’ve only been on two different brands. My first was Ortho Tricycline Lo. It was the worst! My barely there acne got so terrible I was embarrassed to leave the house, I had NO sex drive whatsoever (sex was repulsive), I bled heavy the whole 3 months I was on it (except I’d spot during the placebo week), I got yeast infections nonstop, I’d cry at the drop of a dime, I was also moody and angry, I couldn’t orgasm, my blood pressure increased A LOT, and I had massive migraines that even interrupted my school work. However, I only had 2 positives out of the experience… I gained a whole cup size, and I lost about ten pounds.

The one I’m on now is Nortrel 1/35 (generic for Ortho Novum). I haven’t had any negative side effects except weight gain. And yes, this is something that you probably will experience with every pill you try. However, my boobs are big, my periods are 2 days of spotting, I can skip my period if I want to (b/c its a monophasic pill while ortho tricyclin is a triphasic one), I’m protected against pregnancy, I have a VERY high sex drive now, my face is spotless, and I’m as happy as a bee. My boyfriend thought for awhile that I was bipolar because when I was on Ortho Tri-lo, I was a crabby b*tch, but now I’m super nice! haha.

The only birth control that doesn’t have any side effects is a condom. But, I’m allergic, so I had side effects… But, if your not allergic to latex, you shouldn’t have any side effects from it. If condoms aren’t your thing, ask your doctor about Ortho Novum (Nortrel 1/35). Every person I know who uses it hasn’t had any problem except a little weight gain. And honestly, most of my weight is in my boobs and you can’t see it anywhere else on my body. Good luck and don’t worry, your perfect pill is out there! I hope I helped!

Birth control pill that can provide the least side effects?

Hey ladies! What pill, in your opinion, has provided you the least side effects? I know that if a pill has a lower amount of estrogen, then it is very unlikely to cause serious weight gain, severe drop in sex drive, and a bunch of other things. Is Mircette, Yaz, or Alesse a good choice?

iv been on yaz for about 5 months now. and i love it! i have not had any side effects to it. except the first month, i got a little sick to my stomach but that was it

Birth control side effects?

OK, so I started taking Alesse 7 months ago. I was on it for three months, then when I went to pick up my next prescription, the pharmacy gave me a generic brand and said my drug plan didn’t cover Alesse anymore. I took the generic brand for three months, then I talked to my doctor, and she gave me a special card that allowed a separate company to pay for the difference so I could go back to Alesse. So last month I took Alesse again.

I had heard that the side effects from birth control pills usually go away after about three months. But since I started taking the pills, I have had mood swings, and my periods have been completely out of whack and vary from month to month (I never know when it’s going to start and some months it lasts ten days, while other months it lasts only two or three).

How long does it normally take for the side effects to stop? And if you gained any weight, did it go away after a few months?

Birth control absolutely does not cause an abortion. An abortion is when an embryo or fetus is forcefully removed from the womb. Birth control prevents ovulation and changes the cervical mucus so that sperm cannot travel through nearly as easily. It prevents conception from happening, it does not terminate a pregnancy. The change from the brand name to generic and back might have had the effect of messing up your periods. I would suggest giving it another couple of months. If by then it still hasn’t straightened out, you might need to try a different pill. Some people don’t do well on one pill and do great on another. It’s just how your body responds to the hormones. Different pills contain different hormones, so it can affect you differently. Good luck!

Birth Control Pill – Emotional Side Effects?

I’ve been on the bill since I was 16, and am now 28. I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s not the best method for me b/c I am extremely emotional and depressive. I cry for no reason at all, get anxious, and overreact to things, even when I know there’s nothing to be upset about. It’s embarrassing to be an adult and not have any control over your emotions, and I can’t imagine how tough it must be for my boyfriend to have to deal with me when I’m like this. It is especially bad the week before and after my period which makes me think it’s a hormonal thing and not just psychological. The problem is I’ve been on the pill so long it’s hard to know what I’d be like without it!

I recently switch from Brevicon to Alesse two months ago because I thought that the pill was responsible for my low sex drive (something that’s I’ve always had but never questioned b/c I just assumed it was normal). I find that with the new pill I’m even more anxious and depressive than I was before, and I start to spot a week before my I stop taking my active pills. I realise that it’s normal to experience different symptoms or more extreme symptoms when you are switching doses but Brevicon and Alesse are both pretty low to begin with, and it just makes me think that it’s the extra estrogen that’s making me so miserable.
If you look at how the pill works you can see that it’s basically tricking your body into thinking it’s pregnant. And pregnant women are very emotional (and sometimes not able to thin clearly). That just makes me think that taking hormones are my problem as well.

I’ve tried talking to doctor’s about this as well at the clinic, but have not been able to get a visit long enough where I could discuss this fully (instead of being prescribed another type of pill).

What do you guys think? What experience have you guys had?
I’m just trying to figure out my options – I stop taking my active pills in a week so I have basically 2 weeks until the time I’m supposed to start my next pack. I’m trying to figure out if I should give the Alesse another month to see if my body adjusts, switch back to Brevicon, or just stop taking the pill altogether and try to find another reliable non-hormonal method.


I’ve had the same trouble with my bc pills. I was on Sprintec for several years. My doctor suggested getting off of it and trying a non-hormonal form of bc. There is a pill that your partner could take, if he would be willing. You may need to discuss that with your partner and with your doctor. The pill lowers his sperm count temporarily. It will not effect him after he gets off the pill. There are also spermicides, condoms, iud’s, etc. Good luck in making the right decision 🙂

Looking for a birth control pill with low estrogen levels and least side effects. Any recommendations?

I am looking for a better alternative with low estrogen levels and least side effects – something that doesn’t cause weight gain since I gained weight with Alesse. I know that it varies from woman to woman, but any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

Ask your doctor about Ortho-tri-cyclene Low.

Birth Control Side Effects or Pregnancy?

I’ve been on the pill, Alesse, for 11 days now. I’ve been very careful about taking it as prescribed. On the 8th day my husband and I made love without using a condom for the first time. That was only four days ago. But over the last 3-4 days my breasts have been very tender and swollen. My nipples in particular are sore, with occasional tingling, and the areola seems a little swollen.

I know that breast tenderness is often a side effect of taking the pill. And I’m used to having tender breasts during PMS but this seems unusual. I can hardley stand the shower spray, and my bras have never seemed so uncomfortable. Even just a hug or trying to find a comfortable position in bed aggrivates them… is that normal while on the pill? Surly I can’t be pregnant?

linny you have no idea what your talking about….

The dr. usually tells you to use protection the first week you start the pill….i got the same side affects when i started the pill…its the hormones that are makes your body out of wack……don’t rule out the possibility that you can be pregnant….you know there is always a chance when you have sex…its probably just the pill…sometimes it takes changing from differnt kinds of pills to find the right one for you….different pills give different side effects….just keep track of it and ask your dr….good luck

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