Alesse birth control missed pills

Alesse birth control missed pills

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Can switching birth control pills cause you to miss 4 periods?

For a few years, I was taking Alesse birth control, but the pharmacy switched me onto Aviane because it was cheaper. When I first went on Aviane I didn’t notice a difference, but since April I have not had a period, or have only has a few spots. My doctor told me that “sometimes that happens with birth control”, but I still feel nervous. Has this happened to anyone else?

How old are you? Do you get hot flashes?

You might be going through POF – Premature Ovarian Failure. I take generic bc ortho tri-cyclen and I only get a very light period. (I was 21 when I was diagnosed with POF and now I’m 37)

For more info on POF, check out this site:

Good Luck!

I’m on birth control Alesse, and i just finished the pills with the hormones in them. no period?

I’ve been taking Alesse for about 4 months now, i may have missed a pill once a month, but take it the next day at the usual time. Sunday August 3 was the last hormone pill. Now i’m on the pills without the hormone, it’s been 3 days now since i’ve been on the sugar pills (as i like to call them. little green things.) and i haven’t gotten my period yet. i have been having unprotected sex, but even months before that i’ve been having sex. I’ve gotten my period last month, but i’m starting to get worried because it’s been 3 days without having my period and normally it’s never late. Is it possible to skip a period while on birth control?

I’m getting really worried and not sure if i’m pregnant or not. I know it’s early since it’s only been 3 days after but it’s never happened before.

Please someone, i need to know if i’m just over thinking it or if there’s a chance i’m pregnant :(. I’m only 16. and my boyfriend is getting a little worried too. I just want to know if it’s possible to skip a period on Alesse or if it’s possible for your period to be late after 4 months on birth control.

Please help. 🙁

You period may come any time during the 7 day no-hormone period. You might be worrying prematurely…it may come withing the next 3-4 days, and in that case it’s still normal. If it doesn’t…then you might have some cause to worry…but I still believe that pregnancy is unlikely. In the future…make sure you do whatever possible not to miss any hormone pill doses…and carry them with you to take them as soon as possible in case you do forget. Finally, it is possible to skip a period — but it’s more likely that Alesse will just reduce your menstrual flow considerably, but not completely.

I missed 2 of my birth control pills. What to do?

Im on alesse 21. So I take 21 pills than have my period. I forgot to take my pills on saturday and sunday. It is monday today and for some reason I have gotten my period, which I shouldn’t get for another 2 or so weeks. I followed the instructions in the box and took 2 pills today and then i will take 2 more tomorrow. I was just wondering why I got my period today?
And if I did the right thing.

Check with your gyn to make sure you’re dosing correctly. I work in a gyn office and will NEVER understand how women “forget” to take their pills. !!!! You’re taking them because you dont want to get pregnant….that seems like a really good reason NOT to forget.

Is it normal to have a period after missing only two birth control pills?

I am currently taking Alesse for birth control and I am on my second week of the pack. I missed two pills in a row, so I checked the Alesse website and it says:

“If you miss two “active” pills in a row in week one or two, take two pills per day for two days in a row. Then take one pill per day for the rest of the pack. Use back-up birth control for at least 7 days following the missed pills.”

So I took two pills in the afternoon today. It is 8:30PM where I live and I have just started my period.
1) Is this normal?
2) Should I continue taking the pills as instructed?
3) Will I miss a period?
4) Will this period end quickly?

Thanks guys.

yes it’s normal-it could be spotting. Birth control pills stop you from having your period so if you aren’t taking them. Take the pills as instructed and use another from of contraception when you have sex next. Yes it’s poissible it will end quickly 3 days? but every bodys body is different.

Morning After Pill and Birth control?

Ok, so I messed up and missed my last 2 Alesse birth control pills. I’ve taken them according to the package directions for 2 missed pills, but my boyfriend is also encouraging me to get the morning after pill because we did have sex twice and I’m only a week away from my period. Now I’m not sure if I can take Plan B AND my Alesse. That’s an awful lot of the same hormone to take all at once. So what I’m asking is, will I even be able to get the morning after pill, and should I take it?

I’m on depo, and we had an oops one time. I was freaking out. you have only 72 hours to take the Plan B after you had the sex. The sooner the better. My pharmacist told me that if i wanted to then I could take the Plan B and the worst thing that would happen is that my next period would be worst then what it usually is. Sure enough I had worst cramps, but it beats the hell out of being prego!

Call the pharmacy and ask just to be sure

Unprotected sex, ovulated, missed 2 pills after having unprotected sex, pregnant?

I have been on Alesse birth control pills for 2 months now. I was ovulating from Tuesday the 21st to Saturday the 25th. My boyfriend & I had unprotected sex on Friday the 24th & then Saturday, my last day of ovulation. I missed taking the pill Friday & Saturday. Also, I missed taking the pill sometime last week before I had unprotected sex. I know I was ovulating because I always get the discharge about 2 weeks after my period. It’s been that way for a long time. I’m only 16 & I’m a little worried…could I possibly be pregnant?

sounds like it congrATS!

MArk k

I started taking birth control 12 days ago, and am still on my period. I had sex, and the condom broke?

As stated, I started to take birth control pill, Alesse, 12 days ago. So far, I have been using them perfectly, not missing one day, and taking them at the exact same time. I am still on the last couple days of my period, and last night I had sex. The condom popped, however we stopped as soon as it did, and he had not come yet. What are my chances of pregnancy?

Even though, he didnt finished there is always a possible of pregnancy. Birth control is not at its best in the first couple of month, as it takes time for it to get in your system. Although, you did the right thing in protection yourself, if you do not recieve your period after your finish this birth control, take a test, just to make sure.

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