Alesse birth control

Alesse birth control

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When should I start my Alesse birth control?

Okay, so I am currently on my 24th day of my cycle and I was wondering when I could start on my birth control. I was at the doctor a few days ago and he suggested waiting until the Sunday after I started my period, but I wanted to start them as soon as possible. So I was wondering if I started today or tomorrow, would my period not start until I finished the 21 active pills in the pack, or would it start when it would if i never took them because its so close to the beginning of my period anyway?

Take them as the doctor told you…. he said it for a reason.

Strange period on Alesse birth control?

I’ve been on the birth control “Alesse” for almost a year now.
And for some reason this month I’ve started my period 3 days early.
Is this usual? It’s not spotting, I’ve been getting cramps and everything seems like a normal period.
I did have intercourse the day before it started, if that makes a difference.

This is not a normal thing and can be an indication that the amount of hormone in the Alese could be too low for your body to handle (an example only).

I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.

Do I have to start on Day 1 of my Alesse birth control pack?

Being busy with final exams, I forgot to pick up my refill of Alesse 28 for this month (which I was supposed to start today).

Several months ago, I stopped taking Alesse at around Day 12 or so, but once it came time to begin a new pack, I started taking it again, and have been taking it regularly ever since.

Because I forgot to pick up this month’s pack, I thought about taking the leftover pills from the pack that I never finished until I can go get my prescription filled for this month, probably sometime later this week.

Is this safe?

Are all of the pink pills the same, or is it a bad idea not to start with a Day 1 pill?

I couldn’t find an answer to this in the booklet that comes with Alesse.


Alesse is a monophasic pill, so all the active pills are exactly the same. It doesn’t matter what order your take them in, as long as you take one a day. The days marked on the pack just help you remember if you have taken it that day or not.

I save the active few pills I skipped, just in case I have a delay in getting my next pack.

I take the leftovers, then continue with the new pack where I would have been up to if I had been taking them all from that pack. At the end of that pack, I put the spares away until next time I have a delay in renewing my prescription.

Is it normal to have brown discharge on alesse birth control on your period for the first month?

this is my first month on alesse 28 pack, i got my period on my 3rd plaebo pill but when i used a tampon i disovered this brown dsicharge and it lasted with my whole period which was only 3 days:S , i also read that brown dsicharge can happen with implantation… the last tiem i had sex was a month ago i doubt it would be implantation:S but i was just wondering if a brown dsicharge is normal for the first mont of birth control.?

yea thats ur period

Anyone who takes the birth control pill Alesse?

I am on the birth control Alesse. My doctor told me that I should take the first pink pill on the first day of my period. Does anyone know when the pill is officially 100% effective so that if i don’t use a condom, i will still be protected against pregnancy?
My boyfriend and I have also been checked for STD’s so my doctor told me it was ok to not use a condom if i do not want to. When does the pill start to work?

You should not have unprotected sex until you finish the first pack.

What should i expect coming off of my birth control Alesse?

I have been on my birth control for the last five years. I am getting off my birth control because i haven’t had a period in the last ten months. I am really nervous to stop taking the pill because i do not know what to except. I have heard people lose weight, have awful long periods, horrible cramps. I was wondering if you could tell me what to except and what happened when you stopped taking birth control? Thanks!

I am also coming off the pill right now and have asked the same thing. My friend who used to take the pill for several years and stopped a couple years ago says she actually gained weight. And she didn’t get her period for 4 months and then got a really big period that was really heavy and lasted a couple weeks! She also said she started getting a lot of acne, which she never had trouble with before the pill. However it’s always different for different people… for me the skin is the big thing… I love having clear skin =( Good luck with your experience!

Alesse Birth Control? Benefits and Side Effects?

I’m sixteen years old and I have been prescribed 3 months of Alesse birth control and then an additional 9 months after that.

Benefits and Side Effects?

Thanks in advance.

Everyone’s reaction to birth control is different. Alesse is one of the lowest dose birth control pills on the market, so it should have the least amount of side effects.

I’ve been on Alesse (or a generic version) for 8 years. The only side effects I experiance was increased cup size (about 1/2 cup). Since it is a very low dose pill, I do noticed that my normal PMS symptoms are still present (moody and bloating) and if I take a pill even a few hours late I get spotting.

It is recomended that you stick with a pill for at least 3 months to see how your body will react. If after 3 months on Alesse you are unhappy with the side effects, tell your doctor and try a different brand (the link below has information about all the different brand of hormonal birth control). Its not uncommon to try 3-5 different brand before finding the one that works best for you.

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