Alesse and effectiveness

Alesse and effectiveness

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Does Valtrex reduce the effectiveness of Birth Control Pills?

I have been on birth control (Alesse) for about 9 months or so now but I have been prescribed Valtrex recently, I’m wondering if it reduces the effectiveness of the birth control?

Nope! Valtrex is a anti-viral medication and doesn’t interfere with birth control (unlike antibiotics).

Good luck!

Gravol and birth control effectiveness?

i have been taking alesse (birth control) for two years now but i also take gravol pretty regulalry (for reasons not connected to the birth control). does gravol affect the effectiveness of my birth control?

I do not see any reported side effects listed if these two medications are taken together. The only interaction listed is between alcohol and Alesse which is poorly documented and considered moderate in severity. If however you do experience any type of symptoms, this is something you need to mention to your doctor immediately.

Macrobid, does it decrease BCP effectiveness?

Well, my gf got a UTI. Goes to the doctor, and gets Macrobid. She asked if it’ll lessen the effectiveness of her BCP, and he said no. She is only a day late, but I am pretty paranoid guy. So simply, is it likely she is pregnant, or do we have to go freak at the doctor for telling us a lie? I have been reading and some doctors’ research suggest that it isn’t likely. Thanks. Her BCP is Alesse.

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Does cranberry juice affect birth control pills?

Might sound like a silly question, but I am curious. I am currently on Alesse, and I was just wondering if drinking cranberry juice reduces the effectiveness of my birth control?

no, it doesn’t effect them

Does taking cough medicine affect birth control?

Might be a silly question, but I’m currently on the birth control pill Alesse. I have a cold, and was wondering if taking cough medicine would reduce the effectiveness of my birth control?

If your medicine is over-the-counter, then no.
Only certain antibiotics lower the effectiveness. And it should say on the prescription bottle.

Been on generic Alesse for years, suddenly have tender breasts.?

I have never had any side effects from this pill which is why I like it. Suddenly, on my second week of active pills for the month, my breasts are very, very sore. I am freaking out because my bf and I just broke up and I have been on antibiotics for my skin. I know antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of BCP’s. Is it possible that the pill could be causing the breast tenderness? I have been pregnant once before and this is a very scary de ja vu kinda feeling. They are more sore now than they ever get during the week before my period. 🙁 I can’t have a baby with this guy!! I am freaking out. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, it is possible that the pill (the generic for the Alese) can be causing this. Sometimes the longer we stay on a pill our body can change when it comes to the medication. As for the antibiotic having an effect on your breasts now that is also a possibility.

I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.

Should my period stop if i just started the pill?

i just started my FIRST pack of alesse 28 birth control pills on the first day of my periods (last sunday). isn’t my period supposed to be shorter/stop since i’m getting extra hormones now? i figured that it would just take a couple of days before they stop, but im heading for the 7-day mark…im questionning the effectiveness of the pill now! shouldn’t my period have stopped a few days after starting the pill?

I don’t know how Alesse brand pills work, but I thought that you were supposed to begin the pill pack the first Sunday AFTER your period starts. So if you had started your period on a Sunday, I’m pretty sure you should’ve started the pills the next Sunday. Either way, it takes a little while for your body to really adjust to the pills (about 7 days before it provides birth control protection and potentially a couple of months until your cycle is regulated), so I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. But if you are worried or have any questions, call your doctor and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Can you please tell me some facts about the effectiveness of oral birth control?

I have been with my fiance for almost three years, and we prefer sex without a condom but he still feels a bit paranoid that it might lead to pregnancy.

I am on Alesse/Aviane 28 days currently. I took a break for about a month, but that was a month ago. I have been back on it since. What I want to know is how effective is the pill in stopping unwanted pregnacies? Do I have to wait to rely on only the pill since I took that break? Also, is it important to take the pill at the same time each day, or with meals?

This information would be very helpful. We both agree it feels better without a condom and he said if we could find information that shows it is safe we’ll do it that way. We’d end up saving money!

So if you have any of the info or know any sites that talk about that, that’d be great. Thanks in advance!

The Pill is most effective when taken at roughly the same time every day. When people get pregnant on the Pill, it’s usually because they were taking a medication that reduced the effectiveness, they missed doses or they had breakthrough bleeding and didn’t do anything about it.

If you have irregular spotting between periods, it’s best to tell your doctor. Breakthrough bleeding is a sign of the Pill not working properly. I have two cousins to prove it.

Just read labels on medications you take to see if they interfere with your contraceptives. You should be ok otherwise.

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