Alesse and desogen

Alesse and desogen

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I just recently stopped using hormonal birth control. I’ve tried quite a few different kinds (Nuva Ring, The Patch, Alesse, Desogen, Ortho Tricyclen Lo) and I’ve had a difficult time with all of them; loss of sex drive and mood swings.

I’m looking for alternatives to the condom. I’m engaged, in a committed monogamous relationship and with a man in the military. He’s stationed in another city, so we have sex pretty infrequently. He’s also deploying soon, so it’s nice not to have to deal with the hormones while he’s gone.

Anyone use a cervical cap or a diaphragm? I’m curious about your experience, how effective and easy it is to use.

I am going to speak with my doctor next week, but I’d like to hear from other women as well, because I don’t seem to hear about these methods too much anymore.


I used a diaphragm for many years before my tubal ligation.

As another poster mentioned, the “spontaneity factor” must be considered when using diaphragms, but no more so than with condom use. As with condoms, it may be tempting to say, “I’ll just skip it this time; we’ll be okay.” However, you seem to have the necessary level of maturity and responsibility to assure that you use the diaphragm each time.

As the diapragm must be filled with spermicide and inserted prior to intercourse, you must be very comfortable with your own body. The diaphragm fits against the cervix… requiring you to maneuver it past the bladder and the pubic bone. Your cervix feels like the tip of your nose. Don’t worry, you won’t “lose” the diaphragm in there.

As women come in different sizes, your physician must perform an exam and fit you with an appropriate size diaphragm. Most physicians recommend you keep the diaphragm in its case with cornstarch baby powder (not talc baby powder). If you lose or gain weight, you should be refitted.

Removing the diaphragm can be messy, as it will be full of spermicide. If you use the diaphragm during your period (yes, you can do this), removing it can be messy as well.

Learning to insert the diaphragm can be frustrating at first, as it must be flexed and released only when it’s over the cervix. However, if your partner is comfortable with it, he can help you insert it.

Your physician will probably have videos and literature on diaphragms and femcaps, so ask to see them before you make your decision.

Birth control and libido?

I went on Alesse when I first went on the pill, and I loved it. I was finally regular.

When Aleese was no longer available as the student pack I went on Desogen and started getting sick for 2 weeks every 4 weeks.

I called to get Allese again, and was told it was no longer available. I was put on Lessina, which is supposed to be the closest thing. I do not get sick, but I have no sexual desire.

Is there something else I can try that wont make me feel like a female eunuch?

a lower sex drive is a side effect to the birth control pill. Like all birth control pills, it all depends on how your body uniquely reacts to the drug.

I have the same problem on Yasmin. The way that birth control is absorbed by the body can create a binding effect (with another hormone) and thus reducing your desire for sex. Yasmin is apparently known to do this in many people.

I am not so sure about Alesse or Lessina. I have been on Alesse and was taken off within a months’ time because of severe depression, headaches, chronic fatigue, and constant vaginal bleeding (the entire time I was on the active pills). I have never been on Lessina nor heard of it.

Your best bet would be to talk it over with your gyno. It’s just too bad that us females don’t have a “little blue pill” like what guys do!!!!!!

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