Alesse and depression

Alesse and depression

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How to deal with depression naturally?

I’m 19 and it’s a little before my period and I’ve been feeling really down in the dumps lately. Symptoms include emptiness, fatigue, and lack of motivation/focus. I’m on my first month of Alesse birth control so I am also wondering whether the pill has maybe contributed to these feelings. I feel like I have to force myself to do the smallest things. I go to college full time and have no motivation lately to study or do anything. What can I do without visiting the doctor for this.

if you are on your first month of birth control its a 99% chance its because of that. about 8 months ago i started birth control the first month i was a mess i had horrible anger issues and then switched to a new brand and then all was well with my emotions. it takes your body a few months to get used to and deal with all the new levels of hormones. so not only are you getting extra estrogen from the pill you are also ovulating so your body is high in estrogen.
just try to look at the little joys and do things that make you happy and stick through it bc what you are going through is normal
i hope it all works out
take care

Depression and birth control.?

Hi Ladies and brave Gentleman,

I have had a horrific experiences with the pill. I have tried Alesse, Orthro Tri Cyclyn Low and Mircette. All of which have made a crazy, depressed canidate for the nearest in patient psychiatric facility.
Off the pill, I am pretty happy and have very rare bouts of depression ( which began when I started taking Alesse 4 years ago).
My questions are :

1. Have any of you found a pill which has not effected your depression.
2. Has anyone with depression issues been able to use an IUD sucessfully either the progestrone or copper.
3. Any other suggestions??

My husband and I would really like to be able to no longer use condoms!

im 13 and ive been on birth control since i was 8 {thats wen i started mensturating} and i could not do the pill either… so i got depo-provera, its a shot, very protective against pregnancy and you only have to get it every 3 mos. not that bad. it can make your weight go up and down for the first week after you get the shot but later the weight just falls off. it helps control moods {depression}, the hormones can help with acne, its very cool and it makes my parents happy so thats good too!!! anyways good luck!! p.s. dont use the ortho evra patch its terrible… it increases your hormones making your moods swing a lot and acne to appear.

Alesse making me go crazy?!?!?

I’ve only been taking the birth control pill alesse for 2 months. But since i started taking it i’ve become really depressed and moody. I’ve been going through alot of changes in my life so i wasn’t sure if i’ve been feeling that way because of the pill or because of personal problems. So, i stopped taking the pill yesterday just to see if my depression and the pill was linked. Well, its only been one day and i feel 100% better, has anyone else had a similar experience while on the pill? Can the pill make you feel that different?

I heard that it is possible for Alesse to increase depression in some women. You may want to change the brand of pill you take to another. Ask your Gyn.

I have been taking Alesse and I have never had that effect from it.

Side effects/duration of birth control: alesse?

i just bought a pack of alesse and i’m a bit nervous because of the side effects. is the nausea/depression very violent? does it go away after a while (how long does it even last for?).. is it just like PMSing but always? if i decide to stop taking it in the middle of the package will it screw up my body or will it just go back to normal??

question 2: so if i’m on alesse when are the days i can and cant have sex, given that i’ve used it for 1 week properly

I took Aleese for almost 4 years and never had a problem with it. If you decide to stop taking it, it shouldn’t screw you up. Your body should go back to normal pretty quickly as you were only on it for 2 weeks.

Since you have not been taking it, I would definitely have protected sex for the first couple months you are on it, if not all the time, if you want to prevent pregnancy. It takes a month or two for birth control pills to enter you system and work effectively.

Hope this helps!

Which birth control pill/patch/ring is best for depression?

I know that Yaz is often prescribed for women who have depression associated with PMS or PMDD, but what about depression that does not track with the menstrual cycle?

I read somewhere that hormonal birth control with low levels of effective progesterone are less likely to have depression as a side effect and also that higher levels of estrogen increases serotonin production and the number of serotonin receptors. Is this true?

I realize that every woman is different and the effect a particular form of hormonal birth control will have varies from one woman to the next, but I just want to know if there is any statistically significant difference in how common depression is as a side effect between different forms of HBC.

I’d like to note that my depression symptoms originally developed while I was using Nuvaring, although I have a family history of depression so it might not have been caused by the Nuvaring. It did not improve with taking Ortho Tricyclen Lo, Ocella (generic for Yasmine), or Alesse, although maybe that was due to the fact that I was changing brands every 3-4 months for a while. Also, I had a MAJOR DEPRESSIVE EPISODE about two months after I stopped taking Alesse (and didn’t start on another pill).

This is a complicated question and would be best discussed with your doctor, but I will try to answer some of your questions.

First of all, I am not sure about the presence or absence of significant differences between depression and HBC. I have never read any studies discussing this, but you can feel free to google some and prove me wrong.

Second of all, I highly doubt that Nuvaring caused any of these depression symptoms. Nuvaring has quite low hormones in it, similar to modern birth control pills, and it has not (to my knowledge) been shown to cause depression.

However, since it is in the family as you said, your depression is likely inherited and also brought on by situational factors. Did anything happen in your life around the time you were on Nuvaring that could have triggered the depression? Then of course once you have one major depressive episode, it becomes much more likely you will have others.

Perhaps you are just very sensitive to the hormones in birth control and this caused emotional moods that triggered your depression. However, this is somewhat unlikely and regardless, this just means it triggered the depression, not caused it.

And since you still had depressive episodes after not being on a pill for months (meaning the pill and its hormones were out of your system), then I’m sure you know it’s not the pill causing it anymore at this point.

What I can tell you is that there is no birth control pill that will cure depression. Not many will even help, but most can say that they will not cause any further depression. Like you said, your best bet would be to take one with low hormones. You could perhaps give Yaz a try, it is made to help PMDD symptoms but talk to your doctor…maybe he thinks it is worth a shot? Even just for three months to try it out.

Or maybe you could try going on the mini-pill (progesterone-only pill), because lots of the time the hormone people react to most in the pill is estrogen. The mini-pill is often recommended to women who cannot safely take the regular combination pill.

But since there is no birth control pill to help minimize depression, your best bet would be to go on a low hormone pill and go on separate medication to control your depression.

Best of luck, I hope I helped you.

Help! I’ve been on Lutera (generic for ALesse) birth control and I’m depressed. Any other suggestions?

I was on Orto-tri cycle lo, and loved it. But not my insurance will not cover this and recommended Lutera (generic for alesse). I like Lutera because I have not gained any weight on it, however I’m feeling really depressed. Can any provide any alternatives? I understand everyone’s body is different, but can anyone provide any generic BC options that minimizes depression and does not spur weight gain? I’m open to IUD,Pill, and depo advice.

Yeah, hormonal birth control did very annoying things to my mental health as well and I never found that the side effects were worth the only benefit of synthetic hormones. I got sick of putting them into my body, every one can cause at least SOME kind of undesireable side effect that would make you want to stop it. I got a copper IUD so that I never had to worry about any of that crap ever again, and I LOVE my IUD, no mood swings, no depression, no headaches, no weight gain, no acne, I have my sex drive back, I love it. You should really check iinto that and see if your insurance covers it. And IT DOES NOT matter at all whether you have had kids or not. Some people will tell you that you can’t get one unless you’ve already had at least one child, and some doctors would tell you that too, but it isn’t true. If your doctor won’t do it, there’s one who will. In my own opinion, the Paragard copper IUD is the healthiest form of birth control you can get from your doctor, basically because it is hormone free. The Depo shot was the method that REALLY messed me up, it ruined a whole year of my life, so I would not recommend that to anyone, and it seems that MANY MANY women have problems with it. With the pills, you may eventually find one you are okay with, but it may take a few tries, and like I said before, they are always a gamble with their stupid side effects. The patch has three times more estrogen in it so that is VERY likely to cause side effects like depression , but you can try anything really and see if it works. The Nuva Ring is supposed to be low dose hormones, and since you were on ortho tri cyclen lo and had success with that, you may have the most success as far as hormonal methods go, with something containing lower doses of hormones. Good luck with whatever you do and if you would like more info about the IUD, please feel free to e-mail me, my e-mail address can be found on my answers profile.

Could my birth control pill be causing depression, low libido?

I have been on the Pill for 10 years now. I originally started taking the Pill (Alesse, to be exact) to alleviate pain associated with an abnormally large ovarian cyst. I now rely on it as a wonderfully convient form of birth control and it has also lessened the flow of my monthly period. The only time I haven’t taken the Pill was during both of my pregnancies. During my pregnancies, I found that I was happy again, I felt “normal”, and my libido was back. But, once I had my babies and I went back on the Pill, my depression and loss of libido returned.

I KNOW I am depressed. My depression is interfering with every relationship I have in my life. I rarely smile anymore, I am often moody, angry, and anxious (for no apparent reason), and I have little motivation/energy. I look back on “who I used to be” and I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

Could my Pill be causing this change in me? If so, should I just stop taking it? What do I do for birth control instead?

Yes, any hormone-based birth control can have these side effects. About the only non-hormonal birth control on the market is the Paragard copper IUD. If you wanted to try something else that is hormone-based, you could try a Nuva ring or possibly the patch to see if things change, but if you are reacting to Alesse this way chances are you may with the others as well. Talk to your OB/GYN and see what he/she recommends. They may even have samples (except for the IUD) for you to try. For the IUD, call your insurance and make sure they are even covered because they are expensive up front.……

Birth Control, acne, nausea, depression, headaches

I just starting taking the generic form of Alesse Birth Control three days ago. I started it on the first day of my period.
I the past 3 days, my face has broken out, and I NEVER get acne. I now have 4 lovely red zits on my chin, grrrrr.
I feel nauseated, and I am so emotional, and feel a little depressed.
Has anyone else experienced such drastic changes in their bodywhen starting the pill?
My doctor told me I am on a low dose.

Some birth controls can throw your hormones WAY out of whack, including depression and/or temper. Some woman prefer to not use the pill for these reasons. However, when I was put on TriNessa 3 years ago I broke out the first time, like my body got a jolt of something new exposed to it…but after awhile everything balanced out.

If you’re still having problems with it, ask your doctor to recommend something else. TriNessa works beautiful in my opinion (and in the opinion of three of my friends).

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