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The One Step Alcohol Saliva Test Strip is used for rapid detection of alcohol in the saliva. This strip Detection limit is 10mg/dL. Results are obtained in 2 minutes at the comfort of your home. Each test strip is packaged individually in a sterile pouch bag.


When the saliva hits the reaction pad, the reaction pad will start to change color. If the reaction pad does start to change color the results are going to be positive. If the reaction pad will not change color the results are going to be negative. If only the rim of the reaction pad changes color then the results are going to be invalid.

POSITIVE: Reaction pad changes color.

NEGATIVE: Reaction pad does not change color.

INVALID: Rim of reaction pad changes color. Note: Do not eat or drink 10 minutes prior to use of this product. Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco 10 minutes prior to product use


  1. Take strip out of pouch.
  2. Dip the reaction pad into specimen container or directly into saliva.
  3. Shake of excess saliva.
  4. Results will appear within 2 minutes.  Compare to colors on back of pouch.

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