Abilify side effects

Abilify side effects

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How to manage the side effects of abilify and welbutrin?

I am diagnosed as ADD, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Clinically Depressed and am on Abilify and Welbutrin. Some side effects I’ve experienced are weight gain, extreme fatigue (sleeping 9-11 hours a night), and slight hair loss. Does anyone know how to manage these side effects while not going off the medicine completely? I’ve found it near impossible to lose weight while on these medicines especially.

Speak with the doctor about the fatigue. He/she may be able to adjust the dosage or the timing of the meds for that. Diet and exercise are the first line of defense for medication weight gain. For antipsychotic (Abilify being an antispsychotic) weight gain, I’ve heard that you could add a medication called metformin (Glucophage) but I don’t know how well it works as I’ve never tried it and I don’t know if a doc would do this (look it up online; there should be articles on the combinations of antipsychotics and metformin). With the hair loss I don’t know. For that, you may either have to deal with it or switch meds. I’ve never had that happen to me on the numerous medications I’ve been on for my bipolar disorder. I hope some of my info helps and I wish you best of luck in your treatment in the road ahead…

ABILIFY side effects noticed?

i have usually strong reactions to drugs of any sort and i’m taking a new medication ABILIFY and i’m experiencing the side-effects already such as the akasethia or however u spell it… i can’t stop moving around and i can only stay in bed it seems like… also i can’t stop fidgeting and my muscles r out of control… what can i do to stop this? r there any instant remedies because it has been a few days already… i took 1 30mg capsule on Friday and it’s MOnday now and i’m still suffering here…. i can barely stand … what can i do?

I had that problem for the first 2-3 weeks of taking Abilify. It was terrible. I couldn’t sit still or sleep but I also could barely stand up because of an overwhelming feeling that I had to sit down. I was up and down constantly. I kept joking that I had ‘restless leg syndrome’ but it really wasn’t funny and my legs felt terrible. I felt so weak but I couldn’t stop moving. I started on 5mg and went up to 15mg. I don’t have the side effects anymore other than sleepiness which could be from the other meds I’m taking (Lexapro and Klonopin). There was nothing I could do about the side effects other than wait it out.

what were your side effects to abilify?

i just started taking it today, and do not feel anything, then again i still have geodon in my system, but i was changed today to this. do you take abilify and what were your side effects?

i had no side affects but if you wan to know go to web md they they a place where you can look up your meds and find out the side affects good luck and take care

Any side effects when taking abilify & wellbutrin together?

been on wellbutrin for a while, just started abilify. Will i see any side effects? What would they be?

i have no experience with those medications, but – if you feel as if you didn’t get a good enough answer her – go on google and search either of two medications. you might have to search for a while, but you will eventually find something saying, “do not take ______ with _____” or “taking ____ with ____ may cause…”

Do the side effects of Abilify go away over time?

Well, the one side effect I am really referring to is Akathisia, which is an inner restlessness. Like i feel like i need to move around and stuff all the time. Does that go away?

The quack doctor who put me on this drug told me that it only lasts for a couple weeks. I was started at a very tiny dose of 2mg I believe, and they very slowly raised it up to 20mg to prevent the possibility of akathesia. It worked for that but the drug has other bad side effects that were harming me. I don’t take it anymore.

How long will it take for the side effects of going off Abilify to go away?

I was on 2mg. It’s been four days and I’m still having some of the side effects that made me go off it. Maybe the better question is, how long does it take for Abilify to get out of your system? Will anything help speed up the process?

It took me 9 days to quit having symptoms after taking Abilify. There is no way to speed up the process. Hang in there!

What are the Side Effects of Abilify (aripiprazole)?

I’m looking more for answers of people who’s on this medicine or knows someone on it.

When do the side effects start? At the beginning? Or is it later on?

Generally speaking, if you’re going to experience side effects, they happen as soon as you start the medication. I’ve been on Abilify for a couple years now and I haven’t noticed any side effects.

You can find a list of possible side effects here: http://www.drugs.com/abilify.html

I just read your other question, and I’m also on Wellbutrin XL with no noticable side effects. Hopefully you will be as lucky. 🙂

Has anybody had bad side effects with abilify?

Abilify gives me a loose bladder. I want to get off it, but my psychiatrist thinks I should stay on since there’s no other medication really that is acceptable.

If I was you. I mean it I’d tell Dr. find something else it’s not worth it. Abilify and myself don’t and I mean don’t get along. It made my skin crawl to the point I was screaming. I was trying to take off the skin on my arms. I ended up getting a shot of some type of reverse for side affects. Don’t let your doc tell you that. Have you tried serquel???? That has been the greatest thing since lithum. They use it as a catch all but I swear by it.
I hope this helps!!!!

Has anybody here taken Cymbalta or abilify? Have you experienced any side effects?

I’ve been getting nightmares. I’m taking both medicines, cymbalta in the morning and abilify at night. Do you think any of these could be producing the nightmares? Other than the nightmare I haven’t really experienced any other side effects.

i took cymbalta and had extremely dry eyes. couldn’t take it for more than a week.

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