Abilify no prescription

Abilify no prescription

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where can I get abilify without a prescription?

take a look at the site I use for my prescription meds at The-Med-Store.com. I love this site because they have really reasonable prices and they never ask for any paperwork.

Does the prescription drug, Abilify make you gain weight?

I’ve been taking it for bipolar disorder and I noticed I have gained weight since the dose was increased to 30 MG by my Doctor. Since then I have cut the pill in half with a pill cutter and only taken 15 MG. It hasn’t helped me lose that much so I don’t know why I have all this excessive weight now, please help! I don’t want to be fat again, I hate having a belly that sticks out and it makes me feel like crap.

talk to your doctor about the side affects of this drugs, most prescription drugs have some side affects, your doctor or pharmisist can help you with what side affects to expect with any drug you are on. you have to know about this if you are to beon a perticular drug permanently, so got the the experts, it’s there job to know.

How much time before bed time should Abilify be taken?

On my prescription bottle it says to take one pill every night before bed time. But I don’t really know if that means right at bed time or an hour or two before bed time. Does anyone taking Abilify know?

It means generally when you don’t mind being drowsy for a while. Most people take it and other “at bedtime” meds right before they plan on sleeping. Others may take it an hour to 30 minutes prior. Either way is okay as long as you remember to always take it around the same time of day.

Does Abilify do anything to you if you don’t have schizophrenia or anything?

I just found a baggie of abilify in my sister’s room, but she does not have any prescription for it, or have schizophrenia. Is there any reason she would be taking it to get some sort of high?

No- it would be ridiculous. The only thing it does (apart from attempt to level moods and alleviate psychosis) is give you tremors, which make your hands and body shake a bit. There is no reason I could think of that anyone would want to take those.

I think we make to much for getting help with my prescription, yes?

My prescription for Abilify (generic form is Apripiprazole) costs me $400.00 a month (10 mgs, 30 pills). I am not on insurence because everything is way to expensive with a ($400+ a month) mental illness like Bipolar. And I think we make too much a year ($50,000) to get on any government or state (Arizona) programs. I have looked to getting it (Abilify)from Canada but I feel like it’s too risky. And they don’t have it in Mexico. (which in all honesty is risky also). Is there anything that I am missing here? Does anyone have the same issue? I am so discouraged. I haven’t been on medication for 3 months now and everyday it’s horrible. And in all honesty I don’t want to mess around with being Bipolar, it kinda scares me, not being medicated. Thanks for the help.

You need to talk to your doctor about this. Also write the company and they may be able to help you. Just look up the address of Bristol Meyers Squibb that makes abilify and see if they can help.

How long is a drug prescription valid in New York ?

I have a prescription for singulair I never filled (from 2007), and an RX for Abilify that was written in February ’08. How long are they good for.?

It varies depending on the drug. I live in California and have had 6 month old prescriptions filled. I recommend asking your prescribing physician or pharmacist.

How do I get a prescription for Concerta?

Usually I drink >4 cups of coffee before lunch and two after lunch to feel alert, not fatigued and able to think clearly. I am able to focus in one vein very well but do procrastinate am disorganized and very unmotived to do mundane tasks. I also am very stressed by details of “interpersonal relationships” that get overlooked.
I described this to a doctor and was told she didnt hear add and prescribed abilify and hated it.
Any advice to getting this figured out?

Simply give your doctor a call and let him or her know that you have preferences . If your doctor refuses , then become established with someone else.

Why does the new atypical antipsychotic medication Abilify cost so much?

The reason I’m asking this question is because I just recently filled my prescription for this medication and it on the package that I saved $325.00. I only got 30 5 mg tablets. So, that means that the average price of one tablet cost around $10.75. I think that is crazy.

Of course it is. But it is a new drug, developed by a company, and they get patent right protections on the chemical make up for 17 years. During this time, they gouge anyone one who has it prescribed. Docs don’t care about the cost — they aren’t paying for it. And they are usually informed about new drugs by the drug reps who stop by their offices on a regular basis. Some companies re-imburse a doc for prescribing their drug….Other older, off patent meds often work just as well. You might wish to have another talk with your doc.


It’s for people diagnosed with bipolar.

I’ve tried Lamictel, Respidol, Abilify. It just made me more mentally restless or unfocused.

Depakote and Seroquel work, yet it doesn’t completely keep me calm, collected, and focused all the time.

Should I add on the Lithium? What will happen? Any idea of what to do???

lithium is a naturally occurring salt, and is considered a mood stabilizer, not an antipsychotic (risperdal and abilify are antipsychotics, lamictal is an anticonvulsant, or epilepsy drug, that is also a bipolar mood stabilizer).

I was thirsty all the time on lithium, and did get the fine hand tremor, which that wasn’t an issue. Being thirsty all the time, I drank a lot of water, and had to get up twice in the night to go to the bathroom. That WAS an issue, since I live in a 2 story farm house, and had to go down stairs. Ny understanding is that lithium works better on people who have had fewer bipolar episodes, and this does bear out in my case – in my 20’s, it did help some, but now that I am 44, it just doesn’t help at all. If the lithium stabilized my moods quite a bit, I would have figured out a way to deal with the side effects.

the mental restlessness from risperdal or abilify could have been akasthisia, which antipsychotics can cause. I never heard of anyone complaining about that with lamictal before.

The answer depends on which symptoms are left from your bipolar – are you mostly sad? Lack of energy? Irritable?

A really good place to read up on options is at bipolarworld.net, click on ask the doctor, and read all the stuff Dr. Phelps has written up. He will address which symptoms the different meds seem to work on, best.

I will be honest with you – very few people with bipolar ever get total symptom remission. Even between relapses, like 80% of us have residual symptoms. Unemployment is over 60%. It is a very serious mental illness to get. Many people get sicker as they get older. Keep working at it though – there are many, many meds to try. Also get psychotherapy – learn to recognize triggers, keep a regular schedule, get regular exercise, learn to reduce stress – these things all help a lot. There are books written up on these topics now, on how to keep yourself more stable when you have bipolar, beyond the needed meds. Meds alone are not enough.

Good luck!

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