Abilify making people mean

Abilify making people mean

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Abilify makes you depressed?

Hi I’m currently on risperdal and abilify because of a med switch. I have not been depressed like this in what seems like 2-3 years. It happened around the time of my med change to abilify. I was on risperdal originally and now i’m starting to get depressed meaning i’m sleepy all the time and in a fog almost. I haven’t been like this in years i hope it goes away. So my question is can abilify cause depression and make me sleepy all the time?

not usually but if you switched meds it might not have taken affect yet

ABILIFY users for bipolar,”Has abilify had any effect on your appetite,has it made you gain significant weigh

I’m bipolar I and I have been using lithium and some other drugs to keep me healthy.I have gained so much weight and the doctors found out that I have become hypothyroidic because of lithium.That means I might gain more which I do not want.So my PD suggested switching to Abilify as amonotherapy.So since it is an anti-psychotic,I am worried that it might increase my appetite and make me gain again:(
If you are an abilify user,I need to know about your experinces about the issue ,so desperately…
Thanks for sharing and good luck!

compared to lithuim its not as bad. I did gain a little but not that as much as a lot of other ones. take care good luck

Abilify and chest pain?

I began taking Abilify yesterday. I tend to have side effects with all meds, especially mood-altering drugs. I’m bi-polar with rapid cycling (just now being treated for the first time). One of the major (“report-to-your-doctor”) side effects is chest pain. But do they mean any chest pain, or pain that could be caused by aspiration pneumonia (Abilify can sometimes screw with the muscles you use to swallow)? If anyone knows where I can find specific information describing the chest pain and the reason behind it (pneumonia or not), I’d appreciate a link. I am also having some pain and numbness in my left arm. The reason I’m not in the ER is I have Fibromyalgia, and these symptoms are “normal” for me under certain circumstances. Knowing the difference is tough; but, if I know what type of chest pain is a problem with Abilify, I can make a judgment call. Doc’s office is closed, and likely will be all weekend. Otherwise, I’d call. My ER is very unreliable – I’m in a small town – so I only want to go in as a last resort.

doctors should have emergency numbers for you to contact them after hours—try calling the office number and see if an answering service picks up..

can u pls help me find out what i can do to get rid of these bad symptoms of ABILIFY?small effort=big diff. 🙂

two days ago i took abilify for the first time. the first day i had these symptoms:

rapid heart rate

more shakiness-anxiety

made voices (i hear voices) in head literally

more confusion

made part of damaged lungs hurt worse than b4 when i lie down to go to sleep zzZz

made brain real active (like the energizer bunny, it just races) so hard that it’s harder to meditate (clear my mind by staying still), but made my body drowsy

part of my brain felt numb (can’t feel much happy feelings distinguished)

slight headache and queasiness esp. when i’m trying to concentrate on material that takes thought u know what i mean?

have pain in back of head when i exercise…

on and off feverish feeling

…keep in mind my doctor suspects i have ADHD

so after two days, i’m still feeling these symptoms,,how do i let my body remove these symptoms[ besides stop taking the medicine all together]?

thanks for reading

Hey hun I was on abilify. I had the same sx. They put me on a heart medication. Then I told them I was done, I did not want to be on a heart meadiction.

Hun I think you need to call your docotor, this are not good signs. If I where I would go get a 2nd opion. I thinks you have ADHD, that does not sound right. please go see another docotr if you can. If you been take it for two days I would stop it if you. can good luck, hang in there, please let me know how it truns out. thanks

Is abilify the right chose for someone who doesnt have bipolar or schizo/ just anxiety?

Imbivilent about going on abilify, the indications for the med are different than why my doctor prescrbed. I tried all the different ssris and they dont seem to address the issue according to my doc. Thing is, he believes that I am delusional in some ways cause there are thoughts in my head that pop up such as my phone line is being bugged. The truth is I know that there is inteference going on on the other line and here clicking all the time. I dont see how that is delusional just need someone to one day believe me.. Also, the anxiety sometimes is worse when I am in social events, my heart and head start to beat very fast. Even though I am not a doctor, it just seems like this med might not be meant for me plus have undesirable effects weight gain especially from reading other posts. tried lexapro, paxil, luvox, and they all either made me very sleepy and verbally confused during the day. Just trying to balance the both sides on this one.

Docs often use drugs, especially anti-psychotics for different cases. Give it a try. it does sound like you have a little paranoia also.

Where can I find support?

I’m a troubled teenager. I’ve been having mental health issues that are not being fully understood at home, which making my life a living hell. What can I do about this?

This problem is further worsened by the fact that there’s no one I can talk to about all these issues outside home. I also work my hardest to avoid hospitalization, for my 1-week experience at a psychiatric facility was devastating. The workers were very mean and uncaring, which in turn worsened the symptoms of my mental health issues. Who can I talk to about this?

I also work to avoid chemical medication because it made me have an amalgam of physical problems. I was put on Abilify, and it made me pass out the very morning I took it. I also took risperdal, which made me drowsy as hell, so I could get little done.

I want to die. I don’t know what to do. What should I do? Where can I find genuine help? Where can I find someone who actlually wants to listen?

talk to a school counselor or you might be able to call your local dept of families and children and explain you do not get any support from home and you really desire some genuine help with your mental health issues be sure to tell the doctor you see about the issues with the past meds and maybe they will actually listen good for you on trying to manage your mental challenges and desiring help I wish you the best of luck

does this mean im depressed? im scared (16 years old)?

ive always been sensitive and kinda quiet and shy. lately i cant deal with my feelings anymore, il blare music in my ears high as it will go becuase it prevents me from thinking about anything. i struggled with bulemia for awhile but i think im over that for good. this morning i couldnt make myself get out of bed, i lied and said i was sick so i didnt have to go to school. i get sad alot of times at night but im usually better by in the morning, but i wasnt today. i spent the whole day lying in bed and listening to music, i barely ate. im scared that i may be getting depressed. please help me. it kinda runs in my family, my dad is on abilify for depression.

my lil sister acts the same way. she slept through high school, in bed always crying, she had to go to independent studies and i had to do all her homework in order for her to graduate. shes the artsy-fartsy type. what about you?

you know what helps her? eating a proper diet, rich in fresh fruit and veggies, getting exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and basically being active during the day. it got so bad when she was 16, that she started having migraines. dont eff w/ your body lil girl. youll ruin your health, compromise your immune system and be susceptible to all kinds of health problems, as a result.

my sister was anorexic in high school. she stopped eating and started exercising like mad. i struggled a great deal w/ her (the reason i say i struggled w/ her, is im 14 yrs older, and i raised her).

she still gets weepy a lot and sleeps till noon, but shes finished college, so im not so worried anymore. shes into her animation now too. i find her mood is best when shes busy doing what she loves. but if she skips a meal, forget about it!

ive never taken her to see a therapist b/c i know where shes coming from. theres no rest in our house, my father is a pain in the **** and my mother hasnt got much sense (neither does he, by the way). and a lot of the work load gets dumped on my shoulders. heck, i take care of everything around here. anyway, in her case, shes grown up seeing us fight all the time so i can understand HER depression. its not clinical and shes not on any anti-depressents.

but since it runs in your family, and you havent had a history of abuse, and your parents arent constantly at each others throats and you dont have to be the responsible adult before your time, then i assume yours is clinical. you might want to do this before you seek out professional help though, b/c antidepressants are BADDDDD for people under the age of 18 — they work backwards!!!!!

try this: get out of the house, enjoy going to schoo, enjoy your friends, go to the movies, listen to UPLIFTING music, read inspirational books, and the absolute most important thing>>>>>

eat a healthful diet rich in fresh fruit and veggies and get enough calories for the day. your diet has a lot to do with your overall mental health and well being. sleeping a lot makes it worse. you need to get out of bed at a reasonable hour, early enough to get ready for school, and never go to bed later than 10pm, you need your rest. missing sleep makes you moody too.

fresh air helps, too.

if your symptoms dont improve after a few weeks, i suggest you first talk to your parents, especially your father since hes going through it too. and ask him to take you to see his doctor, and possibly a therapist. but pls dont go on any kind of antidepressants, youre too young and even in small doses, it can have adverse affects on you.

feel better soon, and best of luck.

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