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Abilify drug

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Is the drug ABILIFY otherwise known as aripiprazole safe for a diabetic?

My son has been prescribed the above drug. He has Prader -Willi Syndrome. Does anyone know if this is safe for diabetics as the details say about diabetics.?

Abilify can be used in diabetics I believe but people who are diabetic who opt to use antipsychotic medications like Abilify have to carefully monitor their blood sugar levels to make sure it doesn’t make blood sugar control worse. I’m no doctor (or psychiatrist) so don’t quote me on it but that’s what I believe the case is on this issue. Speak with the prescribing doctor. He/she should be able to tell you more information on how to properly monitor your son’s blood sugar while on the medication. I wish you best of luck.

Does the drug Abilify do anything to the effectiveness of Yaz birth control?

I take both and my doctor was vague – thought I’d ask everyone on here.

Sorry, im quite vague about Abilify, but two birch control tablets could cause side effects. I suggest you see a different doctor for a more helpful opinion.
Let me know how it goes.
Good luck
Lily x

Re the Rx Abilify: what are the one or two primary side effects that you personally have from this drug.?

What are the pros of the drug Abilify for you, and what are the cons? Thank you.

Everyone reacts differently to psych meds. Personally, on my current dose of Abilify I experienced some agitation, but it wasn’t a problem once I started taking it when I wake up rather than at bed time. I’m on it for bipolar disorder and it helps calm my racing thoughts and lifts the depression some, along with my other med. If you’ve been prescribed Abilify it’s worth trying to see if it works for you.

Can the drug abilify cause memory loss?

i am on the drug abilify and have been for a few months now, and recently, without any changes in medication, i have been experiencing some short term memory loss. does anyone know if this drug can do this, i am also on lamictal, and provigil! Thank you!

Yes, according to the drug info at Rxlist.com, there is an infrequent chance of getting impaired memory.

Is the new bipolar disorder drug Abilify lithium-based?

My boss is bipolar, but she can’t take lithium becasue it interferes with her blood pressure medication.

I do not believe so. You can find information on Abilify here. Still, this information appears to be stillted towards what the manufacturer wants to present rather than all the information about Abilify. Try doing a google scholar search.

Does anyone have any experience with the drugAbilify?”?

I’m considering to add Abilify to the antidepressant I’m already taking called, zoloft. Does anyone have any pros or cons to share about “abilify?”

Abilify (Aripiprazole) is a comparatively new drug and it was recently approved by the FDA for use as an adjacent medication when an antidepressant (Zoloft in your case) alone does not provide relief.

Many people have added Abilify to their antidepressant and they have gotten better. It is a unique drug in its class (it is an atypical antipsychotic) in that its method of action is very unique. However despite some of the positive effects Abilify can provide it also as very significant risks which has caused Abilify and other atypical antipsychotics to become loved by some and hated by others.

Abilify and drugs like it have had many significant metabolic side effects (weight gain, changes in blood sugar), tardive dyskinesia (a disorder where people have uncontrollable movements and this might not stop once the drug is stopped), it can cause hypersomnia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, metabolic syndrome, and several other serious side effects. For the most part they are rare but it is still a risk.

I think Abilify is a very good drug for psychosis and some types of bipolar but it has the best side effect profile of just about any drug in its class yet it still has many very serious and possibly irreversible side effects. It is not particularly well tested because it is so new and its long term effects are largely only theory. And if you are 24 or younger there are growing concerns that Abilify can change brain development (which goes on until about 24) and Abilify typically does not get the same levels of positive results in teens and people in their early 20’s as it does with adults.

That is all of my scientific opinion. My personal opinion after having taking it for depression I have nothing good to say. I gained more than 30 lbs, I slept an adverage of 16-20 hrs/day and I became very numb. Eventually the treatment was discontinued. That is my personal experence but really the fact that it has so many risks and unknowns does not make me think highly of it.

You can always change from Zoloft to another drug or add another antidepressant to Zoloft, even adding a modest dose of Ritalin or Adderall can be highly benificial if normal treatments fail.

But talk it over with your doctor and at least ask her to give you some different options. But don’t get me wrong, Abilify has helped a lot of people and you might do well on it.

I really think other drugs should be tried first because every other class of psychiatric medication is better tested and better understood.

Could Abilify show as a benzodiazepine in a drug test?

My daughter takes 45 mg of Abilify daily. She takes routine drug screens. Today her urine tested clean on everything except benzodiazepine.

No it cannot–Abilify is not only structurally unrelated, but even routine drug screens are still very specific for the substance tested. It is highly unlikely to get a false positive due to another substance.

However, false positives do occur, and if this is the case, the Abilify is probably completely unrelated.

The likelihood of a false positive is indirectly related to how likely someone is to be using a drug, which is a concept many people find difficult to grasp. In other words, if it is more likely someone is using a drug, it is less likely to get a false positive, and if they are unlikely to be using drugs, they are more likely to get a false positive. Obviously, to draw conclusions from a drug test, your sources of information on this have to be very reliable, or the confirmatory testing must be done. Confirmatory tests are more specific, and if they are negative for benzodiazepines, they suggest the screening test was a false positive.

In all likelihood, and at the risk of prejudging, the very fact your daughter gets routine drug screens suggests she is in a situation where it is MORE likely that she is using drugs, so a false positive is LESS likely. If the confirmatory test is negative, that means there is still a chance first test was correct. Good luck.

I was taking the drug Abilify for depression up until a few days ago.?

I read that it can cause permanent abnormal muscle movements. Well, I believe I have them. My eyelid is jumping and it has been going on for over a week. I don’t know what to do. Help. Will the doctor deny it’s the Abilify?

I take Abilify and I don’t get any side effects. Its probably your body’s reaction to stress.

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